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RUSH: Look at this headline in the Washington Post. This is an op-ed: “So What if Protesters Are Paid?” Oh, really? So they’re gonna admit it now. Now, why are they admitting it. This is in relation to all of these protests, all over the country. I don’t care which. Pick one. Pick any of them during the campaign, pick any of the Trump rallies since he was inaugurated. When the first travel ban happened, remember there were tens of thousands of people at airports all over America and in the streets in New York, Washington, and Philadelphia.

We were saying here, “Folks, this is not organic. This didn’t just happen.” These people are bought and paid for,” and then we have the evidence for it because Project Veritas, James O’Keefe? He got his cameras inside a meeting with Robert Creamer during the presidential campaign. Robert Creamer is the husband of a Democrat representative from Chicago. Her name is Jan Schakowsky. Creamer runs an organization that hires and trains and prepares protesters and rioters to show up at various events.

He admitted (on this hidden camera video) that he was hired by the Hillary campaign to produce protesters and riots at various Trump rallies, and he’s very proud of it, and he’s bragging about how fine-tuned his operation is. This is just last fall. We then later found out that this guy Creamer made over a hundred visits to the White House. And I think 42 of those visits — somewhere around there — he personally met with Obama. Now, none of this surprises me. Obama’s the original community organizer.

Creamer is a community organizer in Obama’s image. Creamer goes in there no doubt reporting to Obama how things are going. Why else would Creamer go in there? This is what Creamer does. He hires rioters, he hires protesters, he pays for the signs to be manufactured, and then they pay for the transportation for these people to show up. On the protest of the first travel ban, do you know what we found? We found that shortly after the election people like Creamer got in gear.

They sent out paychecks and promises and memos to all the people who had signed up to be part of this massive rent-a-mob, and they were put on standby. They were told, “Stand by for a ‘go’ message. We don’t know when it’s gonna happen, but whenever Trump does anything that is worthy of massive protest, we’re gonna send you the ‘go’ message.” Well, the first travel ban was it. The first travel ban was announced, what, Thursday or Friday? By Saturday every major airport and major city had thousands of people protesting, making it look organic like it was made up of legitimately angry protesters.

When in fact, they were bought and paid for. They were there because they had been trained. They were there because they had been transported. They were paid because their signs had been given to them. So outside of Creamer and the secret camera video, they’re all denying this. They want us to believe that this outrage at Trump is real because they think everybody knows the Russians hacked the election, and Trump’s not a legitimate winner.

It should have been Hillary, and that’s why people are angry, because most people (the story went) — most people — understand that Trump didn’t really win. The Russians cheated, and they got the presidency for Trump, and this is justifying the outrage. And throughout this, whenever we allege that these people are basically rent-a-mobs, the denials would be fast and furious. Now, out of the blue, in the Washington Post, “So What If Protesters Are Paid?”

Now, why the hell admit this? This story has two authors. Would you like to know who they are? The first is a guy name Leo Gertner. Have you ever heard of Leo Gertner? Probably not. Let me tell you about Leo Gertner. He is “a labor lawyer in Washington who previously worked as a,” wait for it… “grievance representative for janitors in Boston.” The entire left wing in America is many things. But among those many things it’s a grievance industry.

They live and die on the premise that their protests and their anger and their upset is all related to grievances of discrimination, inequality, unfairness, what have you. The other author, Moshe Marvit, is “a labor and employment lawyer and a fellow at the Century Foundation.” He’s “the coauthor of Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right,” and they admit that their protesters are paid. They say there’s nothing wrong with that! There’s nothing wrong. It doesn’t mean anything.

Now, I think it’s just the opposite. There must be some reason.

I mean, this is not something you would want to admit.

They’d only admit this in these secret camera videos, hidden camera videos. Start out by saying: “On April 15th thousands of protesters gathered around the country to call for President Trump to release his tax returns.” This is supposed to be organic. We’re just supposed to think that there’s this many people with nothing better to do and they’re seething with rage over Trump not releasing his tax returns, so on April 15th they magically show up. Trump responded, as he often does by tweeting: “Somebody should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election’s over.”

Then these guys claim that Breitbart picked up on the tweet. They ran a rambling article linked to extensive coverage about how George Soros is single-handedly found the organization. Anyway, these guys go on to basically admit that there is an element of this, but they say it’s not nearly all, and so what? Just because somebody is paid does not mean they’re fake. Just because somebody is paid doesn’t mean it’s illegitimate.

Well, the fact that they are paid is a major aspect of this, and it’s something that up until now they have lied about and desperately sought to keep quiet about. And here’s something you may not know. These guys cite Rosa Parks as justification for what they do. They say, “Take, for instance, Rosa Parks. Often referred to as the ‘mother of the civil rights movement,’ she refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white passenger after a long day of work. Parks, however –”
Let me pause and ask you a question. No wrong answer here. You don’t have to shout the answer. Answer this to yourself.

How many of you all your life believed that Rosa Parks just happened to get on a bus one day and just happened, just for whatever reason, building of frustrations boiling over, she couldn’t take it anymore. One day she got on the bus and she refused to go to the back, just out of the clear blue, just happenstance, and from that, a major movement was born? How many of you believe that? Because the presentation of this, the story of Rosa Parks is that she was basically invisible, just an ordinary, average, discriminated-against African-American who finally had had enough and wasn’t gonna take it anymore and told the people on the bus what-for.

These guys even admit that Rosa Parks was part of an organized effort, and they’re taking pride in it. They say ‘she refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white passenger after a long day of work. Parks, however, did not stumble upon her role in history simply because her feet were tired. By the time of her Dec. 1, 1955, arrest, Parks and her husband were seasoned activists with more than 20 years –” And the event was orchestrated, it was planned and so forth.

They never want you to know this. They want you to think all of this left-wing outrage, protest, riot, whatever, is organic and is due only to real-world events brought on by Republicans or conservatives. They never want you to know these things are bought, paid for, staged. But now, because of Trump’s tweet, they’re having to admit that they are paying people, but now they’re saying it doesn’t mean anything. But it clearly does. Progress yet again. Score another one for Trump.


RUSH: Here is Sharon from eastern Washington as we head back to the phones. Welcome to the one and only EIB Network. How are you doing, Sharon?

CALLER: Very good. Thank you, sir. I have a couple questions. First of all, I understand, according to the Drudge Report, that the Portland, Oregon, Rose Parade is being canceled this year because some supremacist groups have threatened to interfere with the parade and protest any Republican Party participation in the parade.

RUSH: Yeah, I saw that. It’s because Republicans are not tolerant of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, stuff like that.

CALLER: Right. Okay. How can they stop this sort of thing? I’m sorry, that the swings on my rights as well as everybody else.

RUSH: Yeah. The age-old question: How can we…? I mean, it’s tough to stop people who are being paid, that are being bused in, that are having their signs made for them. That’s been admitted to today in the Washington Post.


RUSH: It’s tough.

CALLER: But how do we as other people against them, how do we make it known that we don’t like this?

RUSH: Go ahead and have the parade, and when they show up, beat the hell out of ’em.

CALLER: (laughing) I’d love to. My the second question —

RUSH: Everybody —

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Everybody in there is shaking their heads, “Rush, you can’t say that! You can’t say it. You’re gonna have people do it and you’re gonna get blamed for it.” I was, of course, speaking generically.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: Isn’t that what you wanted? How else are you gonna stop this stuff?

CALLER: I don’t know.

RUSH: If you cede the playing field to them, if you let them have it, what are they gonna do? They gonna own it. They’re gonna keep doing it. What’s your the second question? I don’t mean to take away from —

CALLER: I would like to know who paid for the expenses Obama incurred when he was out campaigning for Hillary Clinton last fall.

RUSH: (snorts)

CALLER: Did the taxpayers pay for that?

RUSH: Theoretically, the Hillary campaign paid for it.

CALLER: Oh, come on.

RUSH: No. No. Theoretically, according to law, the Hillary campaign would have to pay for Obama’s travel.

CALLER: On Air Force One.

RUSH: I think he’s exempted from it ’cause he’s president. Security requirements are that he take Air Force One. She probably pays first class airfare if there’s any payment at all. But, no, when the president travels around it’s pretty much taxpayers footing it.

CALLER: That’s not right. I’m sorry. Hillary’s campaign should pay for the whole darn thing.

RUSH: Yeah, but we’re talking about the Clintons. They don’t pay for anything. Not even their own Band-Aids.

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