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RUSH: I mentioned the other day we’re hearing reports that Donald Trump’s wall is a laughingstock among the Republican establishment. They say it’s never gonna be built. Meanwhile, another story is unfolding.

Democrats are not laughing. According to Politico, Democrats are “turning the screws” on the people that would build the wall. The idea is to punish businesses that work on Trump’s project.  California Democrats are advancing a law to blacklist any company involved in building that wall. California pension funds would be forbidden from investing in those companies. They would be locked out of all state contracts.

Can you believe it? Democrats complain about how “divisive” the wall is and yet they are the divisive ones! They’re openly blackballing businesses that create badly needed jobs that produce the tax income that pays their salaries and keeps the state running.

Democrats get on their soapbox and they brag about tolerance. They claim to represent the working man, the little guy. But they’re turning the screws on the little guy in order to pander to those entering the country illegally. They have the gall to treat pension funds as political weapons to hurt legal businesses who simply want to work. And they’re doing this while whining that money withheld from illegal sanctuary cities would be punitive.

These vindictive Democrats, they’re the ones full of hate, folks. They’ve become the biggest hate group in the country. But even they believe the wall is coming. And it is.

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