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RUSH: First I want to get to a couple of audio sound bites. Conrad Black, who is a well-known media raconteur from Canada, and he’s also a member of the House of Lords in the U.K., was in the U.K. last night on the BBC World News Intelligence Square Debates. It’s a show they have on the BBC. And the debate on this show was whether or not Trump is making America great again. Speaking in favor of that motion, former newspaper publisher and author, Conrad Black. And during the Q&A, an audience member said, “Well, look, Trump’s infuriated a judiciary, he’s infuriated the media, and possibly more importantly, he’s infuriated the CIA. Do you think he’ll be a Nixon or a Kennedy, Mr. Black?”

BLACK: In that question I believe was the comment that he had infuriated the media. You don’t understand in this country it’s a war. He attacked the media because it was misreporting everything, in effect, and he was substantially right. And he has got around the media with social media and with his friends in the talk show business. Rush Limbaugh has five times as many listeners every day as The New York Times has readers.

RUSH: Now, I like that, because this is an audience of Brits in the U.K. and they have no idea. Can you imagine the stunned reaction? And that’s a factual statement, by the way, five times as many listeners as they have readers, particularly if you just look at their New York City circulation. I wanted to take a brief moment to play that sound bite because I’m appreciative of the mention, but more importantly it happens to be true.

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