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RUSH: There’s something that happened today, ladies and gentlemen, in the Comey hearings that I… Because everybody is so focused so trying to get Comey say the Russians stole the election. That’s all any of these Democrats have been doing. They will not give this up. It has gone beyond absurdity now. They’re doing everything they can, despite Mrs. Clinton going out there and making a mishmash of this yesterday. It’s the most pathetic display I have seen in politics a long time.

These Democrats are unwilling to let go of the idea that the Russians literally stole the election. There is no way they could have, and that’s why there’s no evidence for it. While everybody was focused on that, the FBI Director Comey actually made some startling news. At least it was startling to me, and I think it was startling to the Washington Post, because they’ve already written a story about it. Headline: “Comey Says Classified Clinton Emails Were Forwarded to [Carlos Danger].”

That would be Anthony Weiner. Now, we knew that some of these emails ended up on Huma’s computer and that Weiner might have seen them, but what’s new here… Listen to Comey explain it. This is during his testimony, and he’s being asked all these questions about why did you go public? Why did you come back to Congress in October and say you had to reopen the investigation? This is what he said, in part…

COMEY: They worked night after night after night, and they found thousands of new emails. They found classified information on Anthony Weiner. Somehow, her emails were being forward to Anthony Weiner, including classified information by her assistant, Huma Abedin. And so they found thousands of new emails. And they called me the Saturday night before the election and said, “Thanks to the wizardry of our technology, we’ve only had to personally read 6,000. We think we can finish tomorrow morning, Sunday.” And so I met with them. And they said, “We found a lot of new stuff. We did not find anything that changes our view of her intent. So we’re in the same place we were in July. It hasn’t changed our view.”

RUSH: “But I had to go tell Congress because when we saw this…” Remember, Comey let her slide on the flimsy reason that he couldn’t find any “intent” on her part to traffic in classified information. Remember? There’s no question she broke the threshold of the law. But Comey said, “No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case, bring a charge. We can’t find any intent.” Which is another way of saying, “The woman is so ignorant of what happens on computers that even if she had wanted to, we don’t think she knows how,” which is bogus.

So what we have learned here… We knew some of this. The new information here is that somehow — quote-unquote “somehow” — Hillary’s emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, who is only engaging in sex chats with teenage girls out there. Classified national security emails were forwarded to Weiner’s computer by his wife, rather, Huma Abedin. No intent? What, Huma doesn’t know what she’s doing with computers, either? “I accidentally forwarded, like, 10,000 emails to my husband.” Okay. No intent there!

Washington Post: “Hillary Clinton emails contain classified information, were forwarded to former congressman [Carlos Danger], the director of the FBI testified today as he defended his handling of politically sensitive probes surrounding last year’s presidential race. Under questioning from Dianne Feinstein, Comey revealed even more details about how Clinton’s emails ended up on [Danger]’s computer. [Danger], a New York Democrat married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin-Weiner, was being investigated separately for possible inappropriate communications with a minor.”

Somehow, somehow her emails were being forwarded. That’s not… They just didn’t accidentally end up there. To forward an email is an active step that you take. You have to click the arrow there — or depending on which somewhere you’re using, it might say “forward.” But regardless, you had to do it. “His then spouse, Huma Abedin, appears to have had a regular practice of forward emails to him for him to print out for her, so that she could deliver them to Hillary.” So the emails that they wanted printed, they had Danger do it.

So classified data gets sent from Huma to her husband, Carlos Danger, while he’s engaging in the phone sex or computer sex with the underage girls, so that he can print them out.

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