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RUSH: I got a fascinating email, I think — it’s interesting to me — during the break. It’s from Bitsy Rothbard in Spokane, Washington. I’m gonna — I’m gonna paraphrase it. She says that she has heard me say many times that I had never heard of Steve Bannon or the Mercer family until 2015, and she can’t understand that. She said, “These are prominent people in the conservative movement. They are big donors. How is it that you have never heard of them? Because you are Mr. Conservative. How in the…?”

You know, I’ve asked myself that I don’t know how many times. You know what I guess it is? I don’t live in the donor world. I don’t live in the fundraiser, donor world. I don’t live in the world where you go ask people for money. I live in the world where (chuckling) people ask you for money, but I don’t live in the world where I ask people… The whole concept of donors and funding doesn’t even get close to what I do, so I just… I don’t function in that world.

I know it exists. I mean, we have… Over the years Heritage Foundation has sponsored my work with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. But those are not ideologically oriented charities. It’s no big deal. But this emailer says she finds it hard to believe that I, as Mr. Conservative, wouldn’t know the people responsible for getting Trump to hire people in his administration, and that’s as best I can tell you.

There’s nothing wrong on right about it; it’s just what it is. When it comes to that whole world, folks, I just wasn’t raised in it. I was not raised where you ask people for money, for causes or for anything. You just didn’t do it, and you didn’t accept it. It just wasn’t… It was a totally foreign world. I realize that’s how most of or much of Washington actually operates. But I have no experience with or connection to it. So that’s the best I can do.

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