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RUSH: Okay. Here’s what Bill Maher said. We’ve bleeped it. We have edited it, but you will get the idea. This is from his show Friday night, Real Time with Bill Maher.

MAHER: A lot of us thought, “Oh, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace.” You know, when he’s about to [bleep]ing nuke Finland or something —

CROWD: (laughter)

MAHER: — she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and, you know, “Daddy! Daddy!” (obscene gestures)

CROWD: (laughter)

MAHER: “Don’t do it, Daddy.”

RUSH: “Don’t do it, Daddy! Don’t nuke Finland.” He was making hand gestures there as to what she would be doing to her father. (interruption) Well, I know the… Yeah, Ivanka’s mind is not there. This is not Trump’s mind. This is Bill Maher’s mind, and they try to pass this off as, “This is the kind of people Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump are.” It’s not. It’s the kind of guy Bill Maher is. This is the stuff in Bill Maher’s mind, not in Ivanka’s mind. This is the sick thing about that. They want you to believe that Trump and family are demented or whatever.

The dementedness is all in the eyes of the people making these jokes and the beholders of this stuff. It’s just… But they’re out of material. They’re frustrated beyond belief. Nothing they’ve done has separated Trump supporters from Trump. They can’t believe it. They’re mad they don’t have any influence here.

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