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RUSH: You know, we covered this. We had this story in March in The Limbaugh Letter. Now, here it is May. This is a story from… What’s the Web site? WUSA. This is Channel 9 somewhere. Is this in Washington? I’m not sure. Here’s the headline: “People Are Marrying Themselves, It’s Called ‘Sologamy.‘” Sologamy. I wanted to pronounce it “solo” to get people the root. Sologamy. It’s sologamy. “If the secret to a happy marriage is finding the right person, we can all stop looking. At least, according to ‘sologamists.’

“They’re part of a growing relationship trend, in which people are tying the knot to themselves. Erika Anderson is one of them.” Would you marry you? I don’t know. I’m too selfish to marry myself. I don’t want to share myself with myself. I’m too self-focused. I’m too set in my ways. I wouldn’t want to marry me. ‘”I would describe it as women saying yes to themselves,’ Anderson said. ‘It means that we are enough, even if we are not partnered with someone else.'”

Meaning for Erika Anderson: I don’t need no stinking guy! I got everything I need with me. I am enough. She’s 37 years old, and she’s a “bride.” She actually did marry herself. “In many ways, the 37-year-old bride looked like any other on her wedding day.” She did. She had a wedding day! “She wore a white dress and had a bouquet. Anderson looked stunning with the Brooklyn Bridge and New York City skyline behind her. Except when she walked down the aisle, no one was waiting for her.

“That’s just the way she wanted it. Anderson said she grew tired of people asking why she was still single. So, in front of family and friends she married herself. Self-marriage…” You think these…? Liberal, conservative? Which do you think she is? “Self-marriage — or sologamy — is growing. Partly because it’s popping up in pop culture, like when an episode of Sex and the City floated the idea. Now, the movement…” By the way, you remember way back…?

Mr. Snerdley, do you remember back in the eighties and nineties when Tipper Gore and other moms would go on TV and hit and criticize primetime television as a bad influence? If you depict drug usage, police brutality — depict crime or you glorify certain immorality… The TV execs all said, “No, no, no! You can’t blame us for that! This is just entertainment. There’s nobody could make the case that this stuff was influencing anyone.” Now, it’s just the opposite. Everybody acknowledges the influence of television.

They acknowledge it. They promote it. They compliment it. It’s not a bad thing at all. (interruption) Dan Quayle. That was Murphy Brown. And that was… What was her name? Candice Bergen. That’s where we got this all started. She was a single mother, and she had a baby, and she was doing this Mary Tyler Moore-type job in television or something, and Quayle ripped the show for being a bad example. She ended up agreeing with him, by the way, but before that… It was some years later. Some years later, she ended up agreeing with him.

At the time, they came after Quayle like he was Trump. He was an idiot. He was a buffoon. “Well, you can’t be serious! A show influencing the way people behave? Don’t be silly. You’re such a jerk, Mr. Vice President. You’re such an idiot.” I’m telling you, now there’s a 180. Now they promote this, as is the case here. Sex and the City? Wonderful for women! It’s almost a bible for women. Sex and the City — the TV show, Sex and the City the movie — Orange Is the New Black? I mean, you name it.

All these programs are held up as great role models for the youths of America to behave. “Self-marriage — or sologamy — is growing. Partly because it’s popping up in pop culture, like when an episode of Sex and the City floated the idea. Now, the movement has gone global and companies are trying to capitalize. ‘Marry Yourself’ in Canada offers consulting and wedding photography. There’s also IMarriedMe.com, launched by San Francisco man Jeffrey Levin.

“His site offers sologamy ceremony kits…” I’m just pronouncing it “sologamy” so that you understand. If I said “sologamy,” without this story, how many of you would know what I’m talking about? So I’m pronouncing it “solo” (i.e., by myself) “gamy,” or sologamy may be the more effective pronunciation. Anyway, “His site offers sologamy ceremony kits, which includes a wedding band, daily affirmation cards and vows.”

He says, “‘[Man], I think it’s increased over the years, and it’s something that’s becoming more understood and more accepted.’ [Erika] Anderson married herself to celebrate independence and believes others should, too. ‘You’re worth it!'” she said to herself at the ceremony. (interruption) I don’t know if she got batteries as a wedding present. You know what? That’d be very thoughtful. That would be…

You give somebody marrying themselves a present of batteries? That is really insightful. That shows you care. That shows you’re really thinking about it. But I don’t think if she got batteries. And then from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Opinion: For Some Gay Parents, Mother’s Day Is Awkward.” I wonder why. Why would Mother’s Day be awkward for gay parents? Wait. Gay parents. Notice how that just slipped right by me. (laughing)

All right, that’s enough of this for now.

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