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RUSH: A radical feminist website is treading water, financially speaking. They’re holding a last-ditch online fundraiser to try to keep the doors open.

I’m not mentioning the website I don’t want to help their fundraising. But the CEO brags she’s “a person with multiple marginalized identities.”

The site announced that if they don’t get big bucks by the end of May, it’ll be too late – because “scary financial trouble” threatens their “work.”

What is their all-important “work”? What is so valuable to society that people should reach into their wallets and save them from ruin?

Their home page gives you an idea. Here’s a headline: “Healing from Toxic Whiteness.” Another title: “A Guide to Self-Care When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support your Activism.” And my favorite. “5 Ways Mexican Queerness Is a Radical Act Against Colonialism and Machismo.”

Remember The Temptations’ hit from the 60s – “Ain’t to Proud to Beg”? That could be these feminists’ theme song because they’re begging hard. So to speak. They complain that it’s a terrible challenge to create “intersectional feminist media in a financially sustainable way, especially in a world that doesn’t value what we do.”

Girls. Ladies. ‘It’ – what ever you are. If the world doesn’t care what you do why should they support it with cash? No wonder you’re losing your shirts. You’ve already lost your minds! What about your panties? Have any left?

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