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RUSH: Now, on this poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic, this thing was actually published late on Sunday. It comes via Breitbart. “Survey: Nearly Half of White, Working-Class Americans Say They ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country.‘” And I’m telling you, this is a direct result of the eight years of Obama.

And remember, the Democrat Party, in a column written by — who was it, Dan Balz, not Dan Balz — somebody that used to be at the Washington Post. I keep forgetting this guy’s name. But it was in November of 2015, he was writing for the Obama administration. They had made a campaign strategic decision to abandon white working-class voters in exchange for focusing on the mass coalition of every minority group the Democrats could find and create.

White working class, Reagan Democrats in many instances, the Democrat Party decided they didn’t want the support — or they didn’t want to have to do what it took to get the support of those people. They wanted to focus instead on a massive welfare state, and the white working class doesn’t want welfare. They want jobs, and they want job opportunity, they want growth opportunity. Thomas B. Edsall. That’s right. I keep forgetting this guy’s name. He’s the guy that wrote the column that signaled the Democrat Party’s shift away from white working-class voters and instead trying to assemble a coalition of every minority group that they could think of and make as big a victim out of every group as they could.

So they threw in with the notion that America is flawed deeply, and the only salvation is to use the government now to take care of the victims of America. American discrimination, American prejudice, American bigotry, American racism. And that became the selling point. And is it any wonder they’re losing? But they made that tactical decision. And, by the way, that announcement on November 15th was not the beginning. Obama had been treating, the Democrats had been treating the white working class vote with no interest for years prior to making it official.

What this poll reveals is a deep divide between working class white Americans who did not go to college and white Americans who did. Quote, “For many white working-class Americans, the pace of cultural change has left them wondering about whether and where they fit in American society. Nearly half (48 percent) of white working-class Americans say, ‘things have changed so much that I often feel like a stranger in my own country.’ Slightly more than half (51 percent) of white working-class Americans disagree.” These are the ones that went to college. “In contrast, only about one-quarter (26 percent) of white college-educated Americans report they often feel like a stranger, while nearly three-quarters (74 percent) reject the notion.”

It’s a huge number of people, white working class, the white population is still 73% of the country, despite what you may have been told. The Democrats have made a demographic shift error. They have presumed — all the demographic tables say that white religious Christians, Catholics, Protestants and so forth will cease being the majority of America at some point in the future. They’ve all gotten the years wrong, but they’re predicting anywhere from 10 to 15 to 20 years from now. The Democrats have begun to act on it as though it’s already happened and have focused on all of the different minorities by race, origin, sexual orientation, sexual preference, however they classify minorities.

But the sum total of minorities still are not yet a majority population, even though demographic trends say that that will happen at some point. “Part of the white, working class’s sense of alienation appears to stem from the stifling atmosphere of political correctness and the severe social and economic punishments meted out to those who don’t toe the line. … A majority of those surveyed, 55 percent, think the United States ‘is in danger of losing its culture and identity,’ including 68 percent of the white, working class.”

But that 55% is everybody, by the way, not just the white working class. Fifty-five percent think that the U.S. is in danger of losing its culture and identity. That right there is why Hillary Clinton lost, one of the many reasons why she lost. Sixty-eight percent of the white working class population thinks the country is in danger of losing its culture and identity. “Other polls taken before the election have shown similar results.

“The focus group participants included white, non-Hispanic adults between the ages of 25 and 55, who did not have a four-year college degree. Groups were gender segregated and all participants identified as politically independent. The focus groups were conducted at L&E Research. The survey was designed and conducted by PRRI in partnership with The Atlantic. The survey was made possible by generous grants from Open Society Foundations and the Ford Foundation.”

This is George Soros, funded this survey. And, of course, this is what Soros wants. Soros wants the old, domineering — wrong word — the old dominating majority of America, he wants it wiped out, he wants it obliterated. The fastest way to destroy America is to destroy its cultural identity and to create doubt in as many people as possible over the decency and goodness of their own country. That’s what the left has been undertaking, and it really intensified under Obama in the last eight years. And I know these people. I know them. The people it is said here who are left wondering about whether and where they fit in, in American society. It’s not just political correctness.

There’s something else that — and it’s not just discrimination, the media and so forth. I think there’s another factor in this. Social media. I think the left owns social media and has created these botnets. I think, I can’t prove it, but just as I can prove that the left has organizations of 10 or 20 people that are able to make themselves look like 10 or 20,000 when they go after, sponsor boycotts or what have you, I think they do the same thing throughout social media on left-wing, right-wing causes.

I don’t think social media in reality is 80% left-wing Democrat as it appears if you surf it every day. I think that social media is as artificial as anything else is that produces this nonsense that these left-wing reprobates represent the majority of the country. I just don’t believe it.

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