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RUSH: The Trump-James Comey dinner was on February 14, 2017. The dinner that they had was Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Trump’s now historic dinner with Comey was on the evening of February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Where were both men’s wives? For crying out loud, it’s Valentine’s Day. Why didn’t Comey say, “Sorry, man, it’s Valentine’s Day! I gotta go home and be with my wife?” By the way, who requested this dinner, do you know? Well, it depends on who you listen to. Some people say Comey asked for the dinner; other people say that Trump did. Did we know definitively who asked for the dinner? The dinner’s on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

I want to go back to the archives of the Washington Post — the wild-guess Washington Post, the lying and failing Washington Post — which has run with two blatant lies in the past seven days. A, that Comey had requested more money to investigate Trump (that wasn’t true) and, B, that the number two in the Department of Justice had threatened to quit over the Comey firing. That wasn’t true. But the Washington Post ran both stories and has yet to retract them. January 23, 2017.

“The FBI in late December reviewed intercepts of communications between the Russian ambassador to the United States and retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn … but has not found any evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government, U.S. officials said.” Stay with me on this. This is January 23rd. This is about three weeks before Trump has dinner with Comey. Again, the Washington Post reports three weeks ago before dinner between Trump and Comey:

“The FBI in late December reviewed intercepts of [the surveilled] Russian ambassador[‘s]” phone calls, which is how they caught Flynn, and found no “evidence of wrongdoing or illicit ties to the Russian government.” Note the date. This was published on January 23rd, three weeks before the Trump-Comey dinner. Why would Trump be requesting Comey “drop the Flynn investigation” as the New York Times puts it, if the FBI had stated in late December they had found nothing there in the phone call with Flynn and the Soviet ambassador?

Why isn’t it likely that Trump was saying, “Let it go” in the sense of “finish it”? “Let it go,” as I say. Psychiatrists use that phrase to people, patients who are obsessively compulsive. “You gotta let it go, man. You gotta let it go.” It’s not a command. It’s not an order to let it go. “The calls were picked up as part of routine electronic surveillance of Russian officials … which is one of the FBI’s responsibilities…

“Nonetheless, the fact that communications by a senior member of Trump’s national security team have been under scrutiny points up the challenge facing the intelligence community as it continues its wide-ranging probe of Russian government influence in the U.S. election and whether there was any improper back-channel contacts between Moscow and Trump associates…” So even though there was nothing illicit found in the phone calls, the fact that they were investigated by the FBI shows there was something illicit.

See, this is how the media works.

They found nothing, but they then continue to say: The investigation is ongoing, looking for illicit back-channel contacts! Then they write, “Although Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were listened to, Flynn himself is not the active target of an investigation…” If Flynn’s not the target, what the hell is Trump doing three weeks later asking for the investigation to be shut down? Nobody has seen the Comey memo. Why didn’t Comey resign when Trump tried to interfere? Why did the Andrew McCabe, the number two FBI guy, say this past week that there has been no interference in the investigation when he was asked?

Did Comey not tell anybody else in the FBI that Trump tried to screw the investigation?

Did Comey not tell anybody in the memo the dinner? Why didn’t Comey resign? Why didn’t Comey go public then? This is back in February. Why didn’t Comey express outrage? What’s Comey been doing collecting evidence like this? Why haven’t we seen the memo? Where is the memo? What’s the context of the memo? Where are Comey’s memos of his dinners and meetings with Obama? If Comey memorializes all of these meetings to establish a paper trail to preserve the historical record or whatever else, then I assume he has written similar memos about his meetings with Barack Hussein O.

Where are the memos of the discussions and the meetings between Obama and Comey in early 2016 about the Clinton investigation? No interest expressed by the Drive-Bys to see those memos whatsoever. Can you name, ladies and gentlemen — this is a little test here — can you name a single crime that Trump has committed in the last 10 days? Can you name a single error? Now, you might want to say the timing of Comey’s firing is an error. But I’m talking about they’re whispering, starting to shout impeachment.

Can anybody name for me anything approaching an impeachable offense in the last ten days? Can anybody tell me of anything that has been established as rock solid with evidence in the Drive-By Media of any impeachable act by Donald Trump, ever?

What, you can’t? Well, it obviously has to exist, right, or they wouldn’t be talking about impeachment, right? I mean, there’s gotta be some crime. They’re talking about a special counsel, independent prosecutor. There has to be a crime for that. What’s the crime? Firing Comey is not a crime.

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, are you aware — you may not be — are you aware that the Constitution of the United States does not even discuss the FBI director? Are you aware that the Constitution of the United States doesn’t talk about the FBI director? There’s no such thing as the FBI director in the Constitution of the United States. (interruption) What do you mean, what do I mean?

What I mean is, then why is the FBI director being put on a higher power pedestal than the president of the United States? There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president can’t fire the FBI director because there’s nothing in the Constitution about the FBI director.

Here’s a little message or quote here from somebody named David McIntosh. He’s a cofounder of the Federalist Society. He’s a former congressman from Indiana and he issued a brief little statement here on the James Comey memo. Quote, President Trump “acted appropriately” if he gave guidance to Director Comey on an investigation.

“It is important for us to step back and remember that, under the Constitution, the president has the authority and power to enforce the laws.” There is nothing in the Constitution about an FBI director. “The FBI director reports to the president and it is the president’s decision to delegate authority on investigations. In delegating that authority, presidents have wisely chosen to insulate the FBI from political interference. But the president still has the [constitutional] power and the [constitutional] authority to direct the FBI how to do their job.”

He is the chief executive. They are all in the executive branch. The president can learn who has been granted FISA warrants. The president can learn details of investigations if he wants to. Obama sure as hell did. You don’t think Obama was in bed with Holder and Loretta Lynch? Why no concerns of collusion there? Why no concerns of presidential interference? Because whatever the Obama Department of Justice was doing, the media correctly assigned it to Obama and his agenda and therefore it couldn’t be wrong.

The president has the power and the authority to direct the FBI how to do their job. Congress, in its critiques of the executive branch should not overstep and try to direct or limit the president’s legitimate exercise of his Article 2 powers. And that is exactly what’s happening as they long march down the road toward this imagined impeachment. And yet nobody can name, especially the last 10 days, a single crime, impeachable offense. And yet look at how many people assume there was all kinds of them because of the daily nonstop propaganda in the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: Now, on January 23rd, we get a story here essentially that the FBI had looked the transcripts of the calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador. They found nothing illicit, and cleared Flynn of anything. Remember that? I just mentioned it. January 23rd.

So two questions: Then what the hell is Comey maintaining that Trump is asking the investigation to be dropped three weeks later when nothing has happened, when they didn’t find anything? Second question is if the FBI investigation found no illicit activity in Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian ambassador, then what the heck is Sally Yates talking about when she, under oath, told Congress Flynn could have been blackmailed by the Russians because of what he said on the phone?

Now, he’s done other things, but she said because of what he said on the phone. They found nothing illicit. The Washington Post has been out there reporting that Flynn was discussing a quid pro quo with the Russians on Obama’s sending the 35 diplomats back home, the sanctions and everything, for interfering in the election. And a January 23rd New York Times story says they didn’t find any of that. There was total clearance of Flynn in that phone call with the Russian ambassador.

So if the FBI investigation found no illicit activity in Flynn’s phone calls with the Russians, then what’s Sally Yates talking about when she under oath told Congress that Flynn could have been blackmailed by the Russians? And remember, the Drive-Bys’ narrative on Flynn is that he offered a quid pro quo on the phone with the Russian ambassador as their main evidence for Russian-Trump collusion. Obama had put sanctions on the Russians ’cause they interfered and had sent 35 diplomats home.

And the story that they told was that Flynn discussing with the Russians the lifting of those sanctions and Trump was inaugurated. The January 23rd story — and there been others — say, “No, no, no. We’ve examined the transcripts, and it didn’t happen,” and yet the investigation’s ongoing. With Flynn apparently being cleared (in those phone calls, anyway), we still have Comey writing a memo that Trump’s trying to strong-arm him into dropping the investigation into Flynn? And, furthermore, the FBI said that Flynn was not a target of any investigation!

So what investigation was Trump asking for him to drop? All of this that we think we know has appeared in the media sourced by anonymous deep state people who we don’t know. We don’t know how many of ’em there are. We know that a bunch of these deep state assertions have been proven now to be made up, like Comey asking for more money to investigate the Russian collusion and that the number two man at the DOJ was threatening to quit over Comey being fired. Those two things have just most recently been exposed as totally fake news.

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