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RUSH: I think I just swerved into another profundity. I actually think that this never-ending focus on collusion between Trump and Russia is actually designed to separate Trump supporters from Trump. The Drive-Bys for some reason think that Trump supporters hate Russia because conservative Republicans have always hated communism and the Soviet Union. So to link Trump with Russia and Putin and tampering with America’s sacred institutions?

That’s supposed to separate you. You look at the TIME magazine cover that’s out this week. Have you seen it? It’s a picture, it’s a graphic of the White House being subsumed by the Kremlin! And where do you think this talk…? There’s some Democrats now saying, “We need to back off this talk of impeachment.” Where do you think that’s coming from? That’s coming from the fact there isn’t any evidence, and they’re trying to talk their lunatics off the ledge.

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