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RUSH: I’ve gotta play these next two just to get ’em out of the way but they make sense. Victor Davis Hanson was on with Tucker last night on the Fox News Channel, and Tucker Carlson said, “Professor, you’re saying this whole thing is just nonsense.” By the way, we call these Limbaugh echoes. When your host has been, shall we say, profound, engaging in profundities — when your host has maintained his slot on the cutting edge — and then other people come along and say the same thing, we call this “Limbaugh echoes,” and that’s what this is.

HANSON: Donald Trump, he didn’t dismantle Eastern European missile defense. He didn’t go to Geneva and press a plastic red button. He didn’t make fun of Romney for saying Russia was an existential enemy. He didn’t have a hot mic exchange with a Russian President saying that he would be more flexible with the Russians after the elections. So, that entire reset, appeasement of Russia, (laughter) came from the Clinton-Obama team, not Donald Trump. There was evidence that some people in the Obama administration had surveilled people, either Trump himself, or around Trump. And that that information had either been reversed targeted, deliberately, to find information or incidental.

RUSH: Yeah, so if you’re looking for evidence there isn’t any that Trump colluded with Russia but there’s plenty of evidence that Obama did! A point, by the way, made yesterday and today and on many previous days here on the EIB Network, as another huge Limbaugh echo here. We love Limbaugh echoes. We love Limbaughism spreading across the fruited plain. Next question: “You’ve gotta wonder, Professor, if the people who run our news organizations ever think to themselves, ‘It’s kind of weird that my priorities align precisely with those of the Democrat Party.’ Maybe that’s corrupt?”

HANSON: Yeah, I think the Democratic Party is taking its cue from the media when the media —

RUSH: Stop the tape! Stop the tape! Where have we heard this? Who is the originator of this theory, that it is the Democrats who are the arm of the media (recue that, Mister Broadcast Engineer); that it is the media that is running the messaging and the interference for liberalism/progressivism, and it’s the Democrats who are losing elections who are getting their cues from the media. For how many weeks now have we been demonstrating this with sound bites to show you how it happens? We’ve had media montages of this or that and the Democrats the next day are repeating the very same thing.

So again, the question: “Professor, do you ever wonder if people in the news media ever stop to think how closely they sound like people in the Democratic Party?”

HANSON: Yeah, I think the Democrat Party is taking its cue from the media. When the media has a narrative, whether it’s the use of profanity, the Democratic Party follows it.

TUCKER: Of course.

HANSON: And they’ve been following the Trump story because the media’s been generating it.

RUSH: There you have it. A couple of Limbaugh echoes. I just wanted to share them with you out there.

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