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RUSH: Try this headline. I love this headline. I happen to love it, because I happen to think — and I know you people are gonna think I’m nuts. But I happen to think based on my own life experience, this is true. This is a story in the U.K. Daily Mail, “Why Less Exercise Is the Key to Weight Loss — Nutritionist reveals how going too hard at the gym can prevent your body from burning fat. Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel claims less exercise is the key to weight loss.” You know what the biggest key to weight loss is? Well, a lot of people think you gotta keep your metabolism going, so don’t sleep much.

You know, reduce the caloric intake. Get a good adjustment of carbs versus fats and protein and so forth. The key, after you have made the dietary adjustment — the caloric adjustments and adjustments on carbs — is getting enough sleep every night. You wouldn’t believe the resting metabolism when you’re asleep, the impact that has on burning calories. Why do you think…? When you’re losing weight, why do you think you’re always at your lowest of the day in the morning when you get up? No.

It doesn’t have anything to do with weight. It has to do with the fact that you’ve been at resting metabolism, which burns fat. Now, some people say, “Well, yeah, but you haven’t eaten anything since long time before going to bed.” That’s also a factor as well. But the resting metabolism is a key element. At least it is for me. I’m not gonna say this is for everybody. I’m just telling you what I’ve learned in all the different diets that I have I’ve done.

And I’ve tried exercise. I tell you, I have not lost weight faster, I have not lost weight sooner, I have lost… The more weight in my life I’ve lost, I’ve lost without adding a shred of exercise to the regimen. So the naysayers say, “Well, you may be losing weight, but if you don’t exercise, you’re not losing fat. You’re losing muscle tone.” Bull! You people don’t know what you’re talking about. Your body is gonna burn fat before it gets to any of that. So many things out there that people think they’re experts on.

I’m just telling you, you can’t burn enough calories in exercise to compensate for what you’re gonna eat. Do you know you would have to jog 25 miles to burn up 800 or a thousand calories? Who’s gonna do that? Now, I always say I’m not arguing against exercise on general principles, but if you’re thinking you’re gonna lose weight with it, you have big surprise or two coming. The key to losing weight is what you put in your mouth. That is 90% of it. And all the rest of it is talking points.

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