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RUSH: The University of Maryland selected top student Yang Shuping to deliver remarks during last Sunday’s commencement ceremony. Her speech created an international uproar.

She said that people often ask why she chose to come to the University of Maryland. Her response was: “Fresh air.”

Ms. Yang revealed that in her hometown in southwest China the air was so polluted that she had to wear a face-mask every day.

She described her arrival in America as breathing air that was “so sweet and fresh.” She said that she would be forever grateful for the fresh air of free speech that she found at the University because she grew up believing only people in authority could define the truth. The right to free speech on college campus, she said, is a right worth fighting for. It’s amazing she thinks it exists there.

Anyway, her remarks went viral. For telling the truth about her experiences in America Ms. Yang was vilified. Millions on Chinese social media denounced her. Some warned her not to come home. She later apologized, saying she hadn’t intended to demean her own country, the ChiComs which she loves.

Ms. Yang revealed more than she perhaps realized. Radical environmentalists have convinced American kids that our country is wallowing in pollution, but it isn’t. And the “fresh air of free speech” that Ms. Yang is grateful for, it’s under constant attack from the politically correct left.

And yet it is worth fighting for and she is doing it.

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