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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number four. This was yesterday on Slay the Nation. This is kind of in line with what I’m talking about, how the media perceives America. And, of course, in the media’s eyes (which is leftist), America is unjust, America is — in many ways — illegitimate. America is the problem in the world, as Angela Merkel so proved with her incisive can comment that (paraphrased) “I guess now we’re gonna have to totally rely on ourselves ’cause this idiot Trump isn’t gonna be looking out for us anymore.” That, of course, that makes us the bad guy. So James “Mad Dog” Mattis, the secretary of defense, was on Slay the Nation Sunday with uber-leftist John Dickerson, who’s the host. I think he’s their political director.

Now, this bite is only four-seconds long. I may have to play it a couple or three times.

The bite contains the question and the answer, four-seconds long. Here you go…

DICKERSON: What keeps you awake at night?

MATTIS: Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.

RUSH: That is James “Mad Dog” Mattis, secretary of defense. Now, the question: “What keeps you awake at night?” What does that mean? What do you think, Snerdley? What does that question mean? What is Dickerson’s frame of mind when asking the question? (interruption) No. “What are you most afraid of? What is it that worries you the most as an American?” As the secretary of defense, you control the most powerful, deadly fighting force the world has ever known, and you are being asked what scares you?

You are Darth Vader and some little pencil-neck geek at CBS is asking you (impression), “What are you afraid of? What worries you more than anything in the world? Is it, maybe, that a Republican might grab you by the neck and throw you to the ground? What scares you?” That’s the root of the question. Now, in Mad Dog Mattis’ eyes, he is indeed the secretary of defense, which means he runs the most powerful and deadly military force the world has ever known. That is how you must look at the U.S. military. You know the purpose of the Army, folks?

It’s to break things and kill people. It’s not doctors and nurses and clean water. It’s not social programs. It’s not a social experimentation playground, although that’s how leftists use it. It is the deadliest fighting force ever assembled in the history of mankind, and the guy that is in charge of it — whose nickname is Mad Dog (chuckles) — is being asked what scares him. Here, again, the sound bite.

DICKERSON: What keeps you awake at night?

MATTIS: Nothing. I keep other people awake at night.

RUSH: Do you realize what the Twitterverse is gonna do with that? They’re going to be outraged at that. Real men, pajama boys don’t think this way. You don’t want to scare people. That’s bullying! Mattis is gonna be portrayed as a bully, as a meany, as insensitive and not concerned with people. That’s another thing, since it’s pet peeve day: I’m getting tired of hearing about what’s happening on Twitter since most of that’s fake. You know, I read something today. It might have been about Melania and Dolce & Gabbana with now the exclusive to dress her, to come up with her wardrobe.

All these other hoity-toity design and she wanted nothing to do with Trump are now starting to feel a little remorse and the story contains something, and Twitter blew up over it. Who cares? Most of Twitter is bots. Have you looked at Twitter’s stock price? Even with the Trumpster tweeting all day, they still can’t monetize it. Have you seen their stock price? This is one of the most amazing things, when you talk about strict business. When you look at the supposed number of users, that place ought to be dwarfing Amazon. Well, not Amazon. They ought to be up there with Google in terms of what they ought to be able to sell advertising-wise. But they can’t monetize it. The founder was a guy named Jack Dorsey.

As they do with all founders, they got him out of there, and they bring in some corporatist-thinking guy to be the CEO. He runs it into the ground and they bring the founder back trying to save it, because Steve Jobs did when he came back and saved Apple. But nobody else has been able to pull that off. But he’s back there with some of the original guys, and they just continue to beat their head against the wall. And I am convinced… Well, I know in many cases that 10 people on Twitter working together using a couple algorithms can make themselves appear to be tens of thousands of people.

I think the left has co-opted Twitter like they have co-opted the paid-for protest march. And I don’t believe half of what’s on Twitter, in terms of the numbers, the strength and so forth. If it were the case, if Twitter were actually America, Trump could have never been elected, because all of Twitter is all liberal, all the time — with a couple little sectors over here with conservatives scratching each other’s backs now and then.

But outside of that, you get the impression that twitter is America, and I resent that. Twitter is not. “Twitter is blowing up! Twitter is this. Twitter had a fit with Tiger Woods’ mug shot.” Oh, that was a… Twitter went overboard with Tiger Woods’ mug shot. It meant… (interruption) I don’t know if it was Photoshopped, but when they say “Twitter went nuts,” it means, “America is overflowing with rage.” I just don’t buy that.

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