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RUSH: Now, that takes us to Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. Now, this is a big deal. And I have to tell you, I will not rest easy until this decision is actually announced. He hasn’t announced it yet.

He has just… It’s leaked that he’s leaning this way. Everybody in the Drive-Bys is reporting that Trump is gonna pull out of the Paris Accords, and Trump is intimating so in tweets. But some of the information on this leaves it that it is still not final, not completely decided, and even if it does become firmly a decision to pull out, that there might be there has been a door left open to maneuver back into it. There are a lot of people in the Trump White House trying to maneuver him into this Paris Climate Accord. Now, you have heard…

Now, you have heard that the Paris Climate Accord is toothless. You have heard that it is not a treaty. You have heard that it doesn’t really matter. The Drive-Bys themselves have even said, “It’s not that big a deal! That’s why there’s no harm for Trump if he does sign on to it, because it has no teeth. There’s nothing in it that’s binding. So it’s just a meaningless, handshake agreement with no force behind it.” That’s totally untrue.

It is a treaty, and it is a giant trick by which this thing has been maneuvered into appearing not to be a treaty — which I, El Rushbo, will explain to you as the program unfolds today. It is a huge deal that the United States not be a part of this. It is so important in real terms, practical terms. It is crucially important for Trump and maintaining the connection of support to his voters. This is precisely the kind of thing that Trump was elected to do — this is precisely the kind of thing Trump promised to do — is to get us out of all of these entanglements that do nothing but harm economic growth.

They penalize the United States as a superpower for being a superpower, penalize the United States achievement and status, cut us down to size, and require us to share a larger-than-fair burden of all that is supposedly necessary to “save the planet.” It’s all bogus. There is no climate change that is being caused by man that can be stopped by man. There is nothing. And all of these pretenses: Stop eating beef to save the planet. Stop… It’s all such malarkey. So much of the left’s agenda could be on the verge of falling apart if Trump just stands firm.

Now, he’s got people in the White House. There are Democrats in there. I don’t know why he hired ’em. I have no idea. I don’t know why Trump hired people that agree with him and put them close to him. I have no idea. There’s gotta be a reason for it. I don’t understand it. People like Gary Cohn, well-known New York liberal Democrat, Goldman Sachs; his buddy Nina whatever her name is. Dina Powell. And there are a couple of others. They’re urging publicly for Trump to not withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, and they’re no doubt exerting pressure inside.

But Trump, according to his tweets, is holding firm. I can only reiterate what I said yesterday: Mr. President, this is crucial. Just say “no” to this. Follow your instincts; say “no” to this. Let me put it in terms I think the president will understand. I saw something today on CNN just before the program began. Fareed Zakaria Global Positioning Satellite was being interviewed right before this program began, and he was appalled over this. I could see his facial expression. Fareed Zakaria was in stress. He was under duress.

He had a very pained look on his face. I thought for a moment he might be constipated and think they’d be soon cutting to a commercial break so he could leave the studio for the bathroom. Turned out, that’s not what it was. (interruption) Oh, remind me. Just say, “Bloodline.” Just remind… (interruption) No, no, that… (interruption) It’s about climate change. Just remind me. Just remind me. (interruption) What, do you think I’m gonna give away spoilers? (interruption) No, no. Fareed Zakaria had just discovered something, and he was frightened by it, and he was wanting to alarm everybody in the CNN audience.

He had discovered that the Trump view of the world is that the world is an arena in which to compete and not a community — and that frightened the hell out of Fareed Zakaria. That Trump looks at the world as an arena in which we compete, and the left and Fareed looks at world as a community where we link hands and we work together to share the burdens, to come to mutually agreed understandings for the common good of all peoples walking all areas of the planet. And there, in a nutshell, it is! That is exact…

Competition is one of the dirtiest words you could ever say to a leftist. They despise it.


RUSH: Now, about Bloodline. You know, third and final season debuted on Netflix last week.

I’s about a family named Rayburn, and they have a family business that is a miniature hotel, like an inn, an enlarged bed and breakfast. It’s in Islamorada, which is down in the Keys, a little bit north of Marathon. It’s three years of what is really screwed up about this family. It kind of rivals Ray Donovan for family depravity. Anyway, the matriarch — played by Sissy Spacek — decides that it’s time to sell the inn, because it’s just time and she wants to give the money to her grandkids as their inheritance.

There’s too much pain. So she finds a buyer, they agree to a price, and then buyers call her one day and say they have to pull out, because they’ve been told that the that the inn and all of Islamorada will be underwater because of climate change in 10 years. So her property’s thus made worthless, and she can’t sell it because nobody will buy it, because it isn’t gonna be there. And that is just flat-out BS. I don’t know how else to describe this kind of crap.


RUSH: Okay. I have to stop the important conduct of the program to correct a mispronunciation. It is not “Islam-o-rada.” It’s “Isle-o-morada.” Is that right? The S is silent in there. I’ve never heard it pronounced because… (whispers) I’m deaf. So I just look at the way things are pronounced and use common sense the way I was educated in terms of pronouncing, short I, long I, long vowel, short vowel, silent E, S silent or say it, whatever. Whether a C is a C or a Ch or a K. I take wild guesses at pronunciation.

Now I’m being told that it’s being pronounced “Islam-o-rada,” not “Isle-o-morada.” (snorts) Fine and dandy. You wouldn’t believe… I’ve had two people on the staff say (they were scared), “Rush, are you listening?” “Yeah.” “Did you…? I always thought it was Islamo.” “No,” I told ’em, “Islamorada. Look it up.” I looked it up on the map. (interrupting) No, it… (interruption) They’re just tiptoeing around. We’ve got a caller up here…. (laughing) Let me take the call, because I gotta tell… (interruption) (long pause)

No, this one. Not the Islamorada caller, the Drive-By caller. Give me this one because I got a story to go with it here. I was gonna go right into the Paris climate topic because you see, you people have diverted me now from what I plan to do over the pronunciation of a word. And on a TV show! Of course, what’s the assumption? “Rush doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” After 30 years, it is still assumed now and then: Rush doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


RUSH: There’s another leak, I think it’s a leak coming out of the White House. Somebody in the White House has told Fox News that Trump has not made up his mind on the Paris Accord and the decision is coming later. CNN is still reporting Trump expected to withdraw, but all he said is that his decision’s coming later this week. There was a leak that the decision’s been made, he’s gonna pull out. Haven’t heard Trump say it yet, and now Fox has this little banner up there: “White House source says president has not made up his mind. Still taking input.”

I cannot emphasize how important this is because this is a treaty. This is not a bunch of mindless twaddle that is nonbinding. We have been lied to about that. It is a treaty. The actual agreement itself, if you go to the website, they even have a ratification page as they recognize every nation that ratifies it. If you ratify it, it’s a treaty. But it’s even worse than that, which I will explain later on in the program.


RUSH: Andrew in Long Island. Where you calling from in Long Island, Andrew?

CALLER: (garbled cell throughout) Long Island, Rush. The North Shore, the Bay Area.

RUSH: Right on. Gold Coast nearby.


RUSH: Great to have you on the show. How are you doing?

CALLER: Doing great. It’s such an honor to speak to you and your audience.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Of all the would-be topics that I could have thought to call in about over the years, I’d like to speak about something that I have firsthand knowledge of. We live on the water. We live on a piece of property that’s been in our family since 1868. It was my great-grandfather’s then my grandfather’s then my father’s and now it’s mine.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Did you say 1868 or 1968?

CALLER: 1868.

RUSH: Eighteen. Okay.

CALLER: So there’s structures in some way, shape, or form all over the property, you know, for a very long time. My house was… The house that I actually live in… You know, there are bungalows and there’s a boathouse and there’s multiple structures. I’ve been on the property my entire life. I’ve been on the beach. I’ve helped cleaned up after every storm. I’ve discussed thoroughly for years and years with my father, with my grandfather. I can assure the country and the planet that in the last 150 years, the water level has not risen a half an inch. I know that because my house would be underwater.

RUSH: Right, and your property value would have been zero long before that happened.

CALLER: You know what? Of course there are storms every 15, 20 years — Sandy, Irene — and we have our problems. But, you know, other than that, nothing.

RUSH: Well, you know, they claim the North Pole’s been melting at a rapid rate and they claim the South Pole’s been melting at a rapid rate and that melting is what’s supposed to have you underwater by now.

CALLER: Well, I don’t; I can’t speak of the polar ice caps or what, but I do know this. I remember being told when I was a teenager in school that places such as Venice and the gondolas and the whole city of Venice wasn’t gonna exist after another 20 years. My wife and my daughter just went to Italy three months ago, and I was shocked. Venice is still there.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s not underwater.

RUSH: It’s amazing.

CALLER: Do you remember hearing about that when you were younger, that Venice would be underwater?

RUSH: Well, actually, no. Well, wait a minute. About Venice? There was a time in my life when I was much younger that I did hear that Venice was not gonna survive. I don’t remember by what year they said it would be completely submerged, but I can tell you that it wasn’t because of global warming. Global warming did not become a political issue, which is what it is, until… Actually, I’m wrong about this. I’m wrong. I was gonna say didn’t become a political issue ’til 1975. However, my fertile memory just recalled something.

I think I’ve got it saved somewhere in my computer array here. Somebody sent me, and I verified it, a New York Times story in the early 1900s that featured scientists warning of unstoppable global warming. They didn’t attribute it to… I forget what they blamed, but it was a replay. It was exactly… The point is it was exactly what we’re hearing today. This story of global warming was actually been floating around a hundred or more years, and it gets recycled at regular intervals by media.

I remember even… I read from that New York Times story on this show when I first became aware of it. But in the current iteration of climate… My point was gonna be to you, when I was in school there was no such thing as climate change, in terms of what we were taught or warned of. Now, I will also tell you this. This is probably true for a lot of people. Every summer when it got hot, we would all say to ourselves, “You know, it just seems like it’s never been this hot before. You think the sun’s getting closer? You think we’re getting closer to the sun?”

We’d start talking, as kids, and I’m convinced that that’s a common thing for people to notice. Heat is bad. I mean, it’s uncomfortable. It gets in the way. And even though it’s no warmer from one year to the next, when it’s at peak summer and you’re at peak temp and humidity, it’s still worth commenting on. The fact that people naturally might believe that the earth is getting closer to the sun or that what have you is happening, just opens the doors for a bunch of scientists to come along and say, “Yep! Guess what? There is truth to it!

“It’s not that we’re getting closer to the sun. It’s that we are destroying the protective layers up there with this climate change business, greenhouse gases,” and so the issue is born. The modern iteration of it was 1975. That’s what Newsweek had a cover story: “The Coming Ice Age,” 1975. “The Coming Ice Age.” It was quickly rejected and converted into global warming within a year or two; then by 1984-85, climate change scientists were routine guests on the Sunday show. I remember guy named Alan Oppenheimer who was one of the first so-called scientists from think tanks that I saw on This Week with David Brinkley.

It was in 1985-86, and he was telling us, we only had 20 years to prepare for it. He admitted we couldn’t say for sure that it was going to reach dire consequences, but we couldn’t afford to take the chance that it was not true. So we had to prepare accordingly. We had to prepare as though it is true, which meant we needed to reduce our greenhouse emissions. We needed to do all these things. In close consultation with Paul Ehrlich of The Population Bomb, these people have been frauds.

Ted Danson in 1988 said, “We only have 10 years to clean up the oceans or we will not survive.” Algore has given similar 10-year warnings twice, and none of what has been predicted has even begun to get close to beginning to happen. Now, the reason that Andrew’s calling here is because of my reference to the TV show Bloodline. Just to repeat this, the family that is the centerpiece of this story… It’s a Netflix series. Season 3 just premiered last week. They have a little inn or hotel on the beach in Islamorada, Florida.




Islamorada. Am I still pronouncing it wrong?


(Sigh) Right. Islamorada, Florida. It’s right there on the beach. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful property. It has caused this family a lot of grief and over the years the matriarch, Sissy Spacek decides she’s going to sell it, because it’s just been home to too much suffering and pain and murder and death and depravity, and she wants her grandkids to get the money as their inheritance from the sale. So she finds a buyer, a young guy and his wife. They can’t wait to take ownership, and modernize it, upgrade it — and she gets a phone call one day from the guy and his wife.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Rayburn, but we have to cancel our purchase.”

“Why? Why?”

“The property is gonna be underwater in 10 years, Mrs. Rayburn, and we just can’t in good conscience purchase something that’s gonna be submerged under the Atlantic Ocean in 10 years.” And so 10 years, and it’s in a TV show, 10 years, she can’t sell her property. How long has the Keys been the Keys? How many hurricanes have blown through the Keys? How long has Key West been there? How long has Marathon been there? How long has Islamorada been there? How many hundreds of years have they been there? And yet in the next 10 years it’s gonna be underwater.

Now, what’s gonna happen when 10 years come and go and it’s not underwater. Nothing. They’ll just say we lucked out. There’s been a break in the warming or some other anomaly in the climate that has delayed but not ended the rise of sea levels. We are being fed so much absolute lying, sick junk that people are believing, and now you put that line in a Netflix series and a lot of people are gonna watch, it just further cements the propaganda and the lying excrement that this stuff is.

Little by little gets cemented in people’s minds and they end up subconsciously accepting and believing it, and then subconsciously acting on it and being susceptible to political entreaties because of it.

And those of you who are regular listeners to this program are fully aware of how crucially important this whole global warming/climate change thing is to me ’cause it’s a full-fledged hoax. It is the one issue that encapsulates and houses every dream that utopian leftists have. Climate change has it all. If they can get this fully enacted by worldwide treaty, if they can get the United States to sign onto this and actually abide by whatever the restrictions and agreements are, it’s the end of this country as you know it.

You couple that with if Obamacare hangs on and remains what it is, becomes single payer, the notion of freedom, the definition of freedom and liberty are gonna be forever changed. The idea that is the United States of America is going to be lost, because the notion of climate change does something crucial. It blames progress for destroying the earth. It blames people who invent and innovate and enjoy progress, such as a higher standard of living, a longer life expectancy, all of the great things that we humans have been aspiring to since we were first created is being blamed for destroying the planet.

Just intellectually on the face of it, it is insultingly absurd, that our existence, our natural existence that attempts to improve our standard of living for everybody, that improves the amount of food we grow, that improves the efficiency of the use of energy, the creation of new forms of energy, the growth of economies that help people acquire wealth and educate their children, all of that is what’s being blamed for destroying the planet.

And so all of that must change. Progress must end. Life expectancy objectives must level off. There are already too many people, we are told. You have no business acquiring an unfair share of wealth even though you might be more capable of it than anybody else. It’s hideous what is entailed in this whole premise of climate change. And it sickens me and saddens me to see so damn many foolish young people fall for it. Because it is the singular, most direct attack on the natural state of free human beings.

Free human beings are constantly trying to improve their lot in life for themselves and their families. They are trying to improve life for everybody, raise standards of living, more efficient uses of energy. I could go through the list again. And all of that is what is being blamed by a so-called nonexistent consensus of scientists who are lying their heads off because there is no consensus in science! It’s not up to a vote! It literally sickens me.

And if this ever — this is why the president — if he signs on to this, folks, I don’t know how I can continue to support him in other things. It’s disastrous. And this thing, this Paris Climate Accord, it’s not an accord that’s toothless. We are constantly being tricked by the left. In fact, I’ll tell you, in my monologue segment in the beginning of the next hour I’m gonna go into this in great detail.

It is crucial that the president not only not participate this, he must actively withdraw from it. The world and freedom and liberty demand that the United States pull out of this. He ran for office assuring us that he knew what was involved in this issue and wasn’t gonna get sucked into it, and there are people in the White House trying to suck him into it.


RUSH: When prosperity takes a hit, who do you think the first harmed are? The poor. With climate change activists in full gear, who do you think stands the least chance of ever escaping poverty? The poorest. You have African nations right now who are sitting on reserves of oil and the international climate change Mafia is refusing to let these nations bring in companies to drill for that oil and bring it out of the ground and sell it because it’s destroying the planet.

These are African countries. Who lives there? African-American or black people. They are poor and the left, supposedly their champion, is destined to keep them in poverty by blocking every effort they have to sell natural resources, which would raise their nations out of the poverty they’re in. It’s the American left doing this, the worldwide left doing this.

It just infuriates me. The very thing that they blame for destroying the planet is what human beings are practically born to do. And that is improve their lot in life, to raise their standard of living. Why do you want a raise? Why do you care about a career? Why are you hoping to become an achiever? Why are you hoping to be great? There are all kinds of answers to that, but among those answers is that you are trying to improve your lot in life. You want to raise your standard of living.

And you do it and you’re gonna be targeted as one of the guilty, one of the millions of guilty destroying the planet. This is one of the most hideous hoaxes and political strategies, programs, what have you, to ever come down the pike. Mr. President, you have got to stay away. You cannot even think about signing onto this Paris Agreement.

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