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RUSH: Debbie, Nashville. Great to have you with us on Open Line Friday. I appreciate your call.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Any time. You bet.

CALLER: I was watching the news feed on the Washington Post and CNN, and they are gearing up their whistleblower lawyers claiming that Comey is a whistleblower and therefore not a leaker, and I was just wondering to get your take on that and what you thought, whether he —

RUSH: What did he blow the whistle on? What did he blow the whistle on?

CALLER: Well, supposedly if a crime… If the special counsel determines that a crime was committed, then Comey is a “whistleblower,” not a “leaker.”

RUSH: Right. But, again, what crime?

CALLER: Well, they’re saying… They’re imagining or supposing that the special counsel will find a crime.

RUSH: What crime?

CALLER: Well, I guess I suppose they’re saying the crime of obstruction.

RUSH: Yeah. ‘Cause there isn’t a crime now.


RUSH: Do you know what they’re…? Can I tell you? You know what they’re going after? You know the name Michael Flynn, right?


RUSH: Okay. What do you think…? There’s no wrong answer here. I just want to pick your brain here. After everything you’ve heard and you think you know about Michael Flynn, what is it that he’s done that they’re gonna nab him for and punish him for?

CALLER: Uhhh, I suppose possibly lying to the FBI, maybe. They think that he lied on one of his forms?

RUSH: Okay. All right. Hold it a minute now. You’re right. They’re going after Flynn on lying to investigators. But that’s not what they’ve said Flynn did. They’ve said Flynn colluded with the Russians. They said Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador about lifting sanctions. They say Flynn committed treason. They say Flynn did… They got nothing on Flynn. He didn’t do anything. Now they’re trying to zero in on a process crime.

CALLER: Yeah, everything Flynn did was within his bounds on the transition team to talk with the Russian ambassador.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I don’t —

RUSH: The point is everything that the American people have been told about what a reprobate this guy is? He hasn’t done those things. He did —

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: He may have lied. He lied to the vice president. I don’t know what specific process crime, but I know they’re going after him for lying. So now you bring up they’re trying to say that Comey was just a whistleblower; the special counsel is gonna go after Trump for obstruction. What would be the obstruction? Trump was never targeted. Trump was never being investigated. So how the heck can Trump be trying to shut down the investigation? I think Trump’s like anybody else; he wants to know what the hell is the investigation is! We still don’t know what the hell it is!

CNN, they just had a graphic. You know, Trump’s got a presser coming up with the grand pooh-bah of Romania, and CNN had five questions they hope the media asks, and one of the questions is “information on Russian interference.” Here again, folks, we have something that is being portrayed to you as it’s never happened before. It only happened because of Trump, and it happened in collusion with Trump, even though now everybody knows that Trump was not being investigated for that, and there’s supposedly some ongoing investigation.

Why do you think Loretta Lynch wanted Comey to call the Hillary investigation a “matter”? Because the word “investigation” is a loaded word. The word “investigation” implies detectives and crimes and gumshoes walking and running around town trying to find clues because it’s obvious that a crime or two’s been committed. So “the investigation” is made up of sleuths and private eyes going out there and trying to find criminals. That’s not what this is. You know, trying to counter Russian interference is a daily operation of the CIA!

This boggles my mind, that the Russians have this unique thing they do, trying to interfere with American elections? Folks, I have to tell you: I think career CIA people who may be nonpartisan, not attached, have to be laughing themselves silly at the way all of this has been positioned. The objective of the CIA is to stop and expose Russian spies every day on any number of things. But the way this has been portrayed is that we are helpless and harmed. “The Russians have invaded our elections.

“The Russians have an ongoing operation to tamper with our precious elections, and we are powerless to stop it and we don’t know how it happened (sniveling), and Trump might have made it happen, and, oh, my God, it’s horrible!” As though the Russians every other day are minding their own business, not caring about interfering in our elections. Meaning, the idea that there’s a special, isolated investigation into Russian interference is a laughable concept. It’s a joke! The CIA, the DIA, the FBI — you pick it — the NSA every day is on the prowl looking for Russian interference or spying activity or what have you.

For crying out loud, folks, the Russians have succeeded in infiltrating the American college campus. The Russians have succeeded — the Soviets, the communists have succeeded — in infiltrating American pop culture. They’ve been doing it for decades! This is flat-out insulting here to think that this Russian election investigation is something unique and special that has a finite beginning and a finite end and that it’s only something that’s relative to Trump. All of this is just giant misdirection. It’s just a giant lie.

So all these stories about Comey, the special prosecutor, “whistleblower” instead of “leaker” and all this? Let me read to you a Newt Gingrich tweet: “Republicans need to focus on closing down independent counsel, because it clearly isn’t independent.” Amen and right on. And before I go to the next break, I want to leave you with a couple of questions. Where were the Republicans? Outside of Marco Rubio for a brief time, where were the Republicans yesterday? Where were the Republicans following up on Comey’s admissions about Loretta Lynch?

Where were the Republicans hammering home — for the cameras, for the people — the idea that Trump had not been a target for three months and that everybody knew it? Where were the Republicans on TV last night excoriating this investigation and chastising the Democrats for perpetrating this fraud? Where were the Republicans? I wasn’t watching, but somebody told me the only guests that Fox News had last night was an endless parade of Democrats. Where are the Republicans?


RUSH: Here is Chris somewhere in South Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, hey, Rush! Video Village-watching, basset hound-owning, (unintelligible) dittos. I’ve been with you since Gulf War the Movie thanks to two lovely and gracious ladies, Grace and Deanna, who first turned me on to you.

RUSH: Wow! You must have remembered that I had a basset hound.

CALLER: Yes! Jason.

RUSH: (chuckling) Exactly right. My mom, when we were growing up, had a dachshund. But the first dog I had was like actually a basset hound named Jason. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: Yes. I was listening to your question to the Republicans right before the break, and I’m telling you: They need to get their feces consolidated, otherwise there’s gonna be serious repercussions.

RUSH: I think… (chuckling) Well, that’s an interesting way of putting it. I think the feces may be compacted.

CALLER: Yes. But, anyway, the reason why I called is, assuming that the stupid Russian golden showers dossier is correct, what crime was committed?

RUSH: Well, I have forgotten much of what’s in the dossier, but if you’re referring specifically to Trump hiring hookers to urinate on Obama’s bed?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: It’s not a crime. Clearly isn’t a crime. It didn’t happen, though. I know you’re being hypothetical. “What if it did happen?”


RUSH: It didn’t!

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: The whole thing was made up. Who thinks this way? Who even knows?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Did you even know…? Let me tell you. I don’t know. It could well be done. You’re in South Carolina, Chris, so you may have heard of this: Have you ever heard of hiring hookers to urinated on beds?

CALLER: No, sir.

RUSH: Nor have I. I’ve heard of hookers and I know why you buy ’em, or rent them. But I wouldn’t have the slightest idea. It would never occur to me to hire one or three or four and say, “Okay, ladies, aim for that spot there.” It would never occur to me.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Yet it ends up in some dossier supposedly where Trump… (laughing) The whole thing is just untrue. But your question is, “What if it did happen? Where’s the crime?”

CALLER: Yeah! Exactly. Yeah. What crime was committed?

RUSH: In terms of international intrigue? I don’t know. Is it a crime to hire prostitutes in Moscow? I don’t know. I get your drift. Where is the crime? But they’re going after Trump in all ways, not just that he’s committed crimes. But primarily that he’s a pig, a reprobate, a barbarian, a brute, a misogynist — you know, all of these things — and none of it’s sticking.

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