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Jun 21, 2017


“You have no idea the degree to which the media and the Democrat Party are destroyed today. I’m talking about how they feel. You have no idea. I don’t care what you watch, what you read, you will not be allowed a peek inside what they really feel. Complete and utter defeat, frustration, devastation, and they have no answers.”

“I haven’t said this a lot, but over the course of the many years of this program I have on occasion said that the truth of the matter is that this program is actually — and the people that listen to it — the mainstream of America. They try to marginalize you and me by categorizing us as the so-called extreme right or the far right or right wing, which is done to denigrate anybody who’s not liberal.”

“The people who continue to lose elections are Democrats. And it doesn’t matter what kind of Democrat they nominate. It doesn’t matter what kind of money they get to support whatever kind of nominee; they do not know how to beat Donald Trump.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:


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