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RUSH: Here’s another thing. Do you remember the Gulf oil spill? What is the main thing you remember, aside from the actual spill in the news, what’s the main thing that you remember about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? That’s right, they couldn’t find the oil. It was the biggest oil spill in the history of oil spills — they couldn’t find the oil.

Do you remember they even had field trips? They had little schoolkids from grade school, and they put ’em on buses and drove ’em down to the Gulf Coast and they gave ’em Dawn dishwasher detergent and rags and paper towels and they were gonna clean up the rocks and they were gonna clean up the birds. The kids got down there and there wasn’t any oil.

Do you remember what I said about this? I said that there is oil seeping into the ocean from the ocean floor daily all over the planet. That the ocean has little things in it that eat the oil. That the ocean has a natural cleaning process that actually is part of the food chain, that oil is food for certain creatures that live there. And do you remember how I was pooh-poohed over that? Oh. I mean, the environmentalist wackos and the leftists came after me, “You’re not a scientist. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” But they were searching in vain for the oil. They couldn’t find it.

I have a story here from The Daily Caller: “Bacteria Are Eating Most Of The 2010 BP Oil Spill.” It’s another example of being on the cutting edge of societal evolution. “Oil-eating microbes ate most of the oil BP spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, according to new research by scientists with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The study discovered and sequenced the DNA of a new type of natural oil-eating bacteria.”

It’s exactly what I told you was happening, that there are microbes and creatures in there that literally eat the oil. They feed off of it. “Knowing how oil-eating bacteria behave will help prevent future oil spills from doing as much damage to the environment as the BP spill.” The BP still didn’t do any — that’s the whole point. They couldn’t find the oil! I know what some of you are thinking, “What about the Exxon Valdez, Rush? What about up there in Alaska where the captain –” Well, that was a different body of water than the Gulf of Mexico.

So these people are gonna now harvest the oil-eating microbes and they’re gonna have oil-eating microbe fish farms, and whenever there’s an oil spill they’re gonna transport these things to wherever the oil spill is, is the plan.

“Before the spill, a scientific survey of the Gulf’s environmental health gave the region 71 out of 100 points.” Before the spill. Before it. “One year after the spill, the Gulf’s score was a 68 because of the oil eating microbes. Since 2010, seafood catches from the Gulf,” have now reached parity with pre-spill years. In other words, all of that oil created no lasting damage on any aspect of the Gulf of Mexico. And we didn’t do anything to clean it up. We don’t know how to clean this stuff up. We have no idea, other than Dawn dishwashing detergent and a bunch of Brawny paper towels out there. That’s about the extent of our knowledge or ability.

The ocean cleans up itself. And I will never forget, folks, I mean, I got in trouble for this ’cause I was laughing about it. I even think, if my memory serves, I think there was even a high school or a junior high school in Missouri that took a bunch of students down there as a field trip. And of course the purpose of this, for the environmentalist wackos, this was a field trip designed to illustrate to the young children the evils of oil and how oil and carbon were destroying the planet.

The students were supposed to be scared to death by what they saw. They were supposed to see pelicans and other birds unable to fly soaked in oil. They were supposed to see oil-drenched beaches. They were supposed to react in shocked horror over what they saw that oil companies do and what capitalism does. And they got down there, these little volunteerism trips, and there was nothing.

Remember, it was gonna cost billions and take years to clean it all up? And life was pretty much over for those living on the Gulf Coast, not just the fish and the seagoing creatures, but the humanity that lived on the beaches and the coast, all the way up the Gulf Coast of Florida and Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana — you name it? But there’s nothing there, and it’s just another example.

Look, it didn’t take any enhanced scientific knowledge on my part to know this. I just needed my memory. I remembered reading a story about ocean oil and how it seeps constantly from the ocean floor and how before it ever gets to the surface it is consumed by — I mean, the ocean is a vicious place. There is vicious stuff that goes on in there. It’s a hell of an ecological system, and oil doesn’t survive it. And I just remembered that so I wanted to pass it on.


RUSH: By the way, one thing I need to add on this microbes eating the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. In the story here on this near the end is this paragraph: “Some scientists aren’t happy about the oil eating microbes, that saved the Gulf in 2010, claiming they are now bad for the environment because they’re out-competing other bacteria for living space in shipwrecks.” So no matter what the news, environmentally good, excellent, it has got to be portrayed as devastating and unsustainable.

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