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RUSH: NPR assigned a reporter to listen to this program yesterday and try to translate for the NPR audience what I said. I mean, it’s exactly what happened. They assigned a reporter to listen to this program yesterday in the aftermath of what’s going on in the Senate. This guy was then supposed to translate what I said for the NPR audience so that they could understand it. First three sound bites.


RUSH: Let’s start with the audio sound bites and NPR and the assigning of a reporter to listen to this program yesterday in order to be able to translate it for the NPR left-wing audiences. Last night, this was on All Things Considered, and the correspondent is Brian Mann. He was the journalist assigned to go out and figure out what I was saying about the failure of the Obamacare repeal bill and then to head back to NPR and present it in a way liberals could understand. Here is the first sound bite…

MANN: When Rush Limbaugh opened his microphone today, he unleashed a scorcher against Republicans in the House and Senate, accusing them of betraying President Trump and his agenda, including the repeal of Obamacare.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The fight is not Republican versus Democrat. The fight is Donald Trump and his cadre and you — the Trump base — versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that.

MANN: There’s growing frustration in conservative media aimed not at the president, but at Republican leaders in Congress.

RUSH: Now, that bite… I find this fascinating. That bite was also picked up and used by Fox & Friends today for analysis by people on their roundtable. So let me repeat the point that I was making, because it has apparently intrigued a bunch of people out there elsewhere in the media. “The fight is not Republican versus Democrat; the fight is Donald Trump and his … base versus the Washington establishment. It has always been that.” I said that yesterday in full-throated belief, and I stand by it today. I don’t think there’s any question that that’s what all of this is about.

But, you see, people inside the Beltway only have one prism through which they see everything, and it’s Democrats versus Republican or left versus right. Most of the time, that’s a decent prism to use. But that’s not applicable here, and I think any analysis that gets mad at Trump for not being able to unify Republicans or Republicans for not unifying with Trump misses the boat. It misses the point of what’s really going on. It is my belief and my theory that if you are a member of the elite club known as the Washington establishment, that is the most important loyalty you have, not to your party — and it’s particularly true of Republicans.

Republicans love and appreciate being permitted membership in this club because it’s run by the left. It’s run by Democrats, it’s run by globalists, and it’s run by the media — the Washington establishment, this elite club. The Republicans are permitted to be in this club if they know their role, and their role is to always support the establishment. How else do you explain Republicans also agreeing with everything of importance in the Democrat agenda, like amnesty?

Now, most people say, “Well, that’s because the Republicans simply want to get in on the voter registration.” The voters are not gonna register Republican. Republicans inside the Beltway know full well that illegal immigrants granted amnesty are not going to register majority Republican. So, pardon me, but I don’t accept that as the reason why Republicans support amnesty. But a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that’s why. The Democrats, of course, support amnesty for all of the obvious reasons.

They need a permanent underclass. They want to grow government. They want to be in charge of it. They need as many victims as possible, incapable of taking care of themselves. Illegal immigrants that can’t speak language and can’t get work are ideal, and the Democrats can’t wait to go register them. Republicans don’t really expect to register them as voters. The Republicans answer to a different paymaster — and that, in this case, is the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce wants these people for labor. Cheap labor, you name it.

So those Republicans in Washington who support amnesty, you see, are not loyal to the party. The official party position… Well, you know, it’s interesting. The official party position, depending, is always — or has been, usually — in support of amnesty, which also ought to tell you what’s going on here. It’s not Democrat versus Republicans, and it has been for the longest time. Now Trump comes along and really illustrates this. The elite members of the establishment are unifying in their opposition to Trump. I don’t think it’s complicated at all.

It’s all explicable with human nature and psychology. Here you have this club of elites, a very difficult club to gain entrance and admission to. You can’t apply. Trump would never be admitted. Never. He could be president for life; they’d never admit him ’cause he’s not one of them. He will forever be an outsider. You take a look what Trump said on the campaign trail, and, believe me, the elites heard it, and they didn’t like it, ’cause Trump basically gassed ’em every day. He said they’re horrible, they’re incompetent, they’re foolish, and it would be easy to fix what they had broken.

So they have decided to band together and say, “Oh, yeah? We’re not gonna let you fix a damn thing. We’re gonna thwart you at every turn! We’re not gonna let you — some dunderhead outsider — come in and embarrass us,” and that’s exactly what’s happen. And people think that this is happening because Trump can’t unify the Republicans behind his procedures and his bills, or the Republicans don’t want to support Trump. There’s a grain of truth to it, but it’s not what’s driving this, and I find it interesting that that is the bite that NPR — whether they know it or not — singled out, because I don’t think… If they’re listening to other places to translate, I don’t think they heard that point of view anywhere else.


RUSH: Yeah, that’s right. It also remains true that there are some Republicans that just don’t want to repeal Obamacare anyway because of the fallout or because it’s too ingrained. They just don’t want to do it. But do not discount the factor that denying Trump victory on campaign promises is a fundamental objective and goal of members of the elite club known as the establishment. Here’s Brian Mann’s second report on NPR, All Things Considered, about the failure of the Senate Obamacare repeal bill, what I said about it as he translates it for liberal audiences.

MANN: In the conservative media that shapes much of the public opinion in red states and conservative congressional districts, the Affordable Care Act is still portrayed as toxic, something that has to be killed for the good of the country. This morning many of those media outlets tried to push a different strategy. Obamacare should be repealed immediately, they argued, even if there was nothing ready to replace it. The idea was put forward by President Trump on Twitter, and quickly embraced by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Influential outlets from RedState.com to the National Review rallied around the idea. But on his show today, Limbaugh predicted the new plan wouldn’t garner enough votes.

RUSH: The career Republicans in Washington don’t want to touch Obamacare. They don’t want to repeal it.

MANN: And by mid-afternoon, this effort to unravel as three Republican senators announced they support it.

RUSH: So you have this NPR reporter translating for liberals what I said, and it turns out this Limbaugh guy knows some stuff. It turns out this Limbaugh guy knows what he’s talking about. Here’s the wrap-up bit from the translator from NPR, Brian Mann…

MANN: So the big narrative in conservative media today is that Republicans screwed up royally on the Obamacare fight, failing to help the president move his agenda. They saw this moment as another test of the GOP’s loyalty to Donald Trump and of their ability to get things done — a test, they say, Republican lawmakers failed. For NPR News, I’m Brian Mann.

RUSH: Now, you might be asking, “What’d they have to translate that for?” Because NPR, the NPR audience and all of the rest of the Drive-By Media think Trump is the problem, and they want everybody thinking Trump is the one that’s incompetent. It’s Trump that doesn’t know how to move legislation. It’s Trump that doesn’t know how to persuade Republicans. It’s Trump that’s not even trying! So they ventured out to conservative media hoping to hear that message, but they didn’t. They found that in conservative media (led by this program), the problem continues to be the Republicans in the Senate, and they’re not particularly happy about that. They want everybody who supports Trump to turn on him.


RUSH: Snerdley just pointed out here it sounded like the NPR reporter almost made it sound like they think I’m the one giving marching orders for how the rest of conservative media reports these things. But the bottom line is, they’re all hoping. What they desperately hope every day is the day when Trump supporting media will turn on him. That’s what they’re waiting with bated breath for. That’s what they were hoping to be able to translate yesterday with the Obamacare repeal vote, repeal and replace vote going down.

The Drive-Bys, remember, they want to sweep the playing field clear of opposition. And they are hoping to isolate Trump by having his media support and his voter base turn on him. They were vastly off the mark on that yesterday and terribly, terribly disappointed about it.

Remember, they’re establishment types, too, and they’re working as hard as they can to break the bond between Trump supporters and Trump. They’re trying to break that connection. They can’t, as I’ve told you over and over, ’cause they didn’t make it. They had nothing to do with creating it. But that’s their objective.

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