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RUSH: I want to go to the audio sound bites because Fried Zucchini, our pet name for Fareed Zakaria GPS, had a special on CNN last night called, “Why Trump Won.” Fareed Zakaria GPS is a self-appointed expert in this area. He’s been on TV recent weekends explaining why Trump won, and he’s been explaining the difference here. That the reason for the disconnect is that city dwellers are more cosmopolitan, sophisticated, highly educated, very, very refined people.

And your average Trump voter is not any of that. They’re rough around the edges. You wouldn’t ever attach the words “refinement” or “sophisticated” to them. And so Fareed has done his best in a one-hour special last night to explain why Trump won. We’ve put together a montage of the reasons Fareed Zakaria came up with. See if you can spot something missing from this montage.

ZAKARIA: He starred in a prime time reality show, spent years honing and perfecting a powerful message. Trump succeeded, in part, because of his timing. The racist smear campaign that Trump launched, it had everything to do with race. America’s trust in its leaders was near a 50-year low. Trump’s win was about what happened after those factories shut down. Late deciding voters broke heavily for Donald Trump. FBI Director James Comey sent a letter. Democrats never understood exactly what Hillary Clinton was for. Voters often do not vote on policy. Fears of cultural displacement. The Trump vote is in large part an act of class rebellion. A working class revolt against know-it-all elites, economic anxieties, cultural fears. He promised simple solutions mostly aimed at others, Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese people. It worked. He won.

RUSH: What’s missing there? Damn right, Fareed Zakaria GPS didn’t mention Russia! He mentioned all that other stuff, the class rebellion, that Trump succeeded because of his timing, the racist smear campaign that he ran, but there wasn’t a single syllable about Russia in that list.

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