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RUSH: The other issue out there, ladies and gentlemen, that we need to get to is the bombshell news that’s not getting a lot of attention right now because of all the North Korean news and Hurricane Harvey, now Hurricane Irma news, the DACA news, and that’s the news that James Comey had been writing memos justifying letting Hillary off the hook six weeks before he or anyone at the FBI had even interviewed her or any of her henchmen.

In other words, Comey was already writing the exoneration memoranda. We’re told that he did this, well, he saw Loretta Lynch go out there and have that meeting on the tarmac with Clinton, and he said, this is bad, I gotta act as attorney general. The point is, he had exonerated Hillary even before he interviewed her. And Comey didn’t. Obama did. You know, everybody forgets. Obama was out there, he had said back in April that Hillary didn’t do anything wrong, wasn’t anything to see here, that it was really much ado about nothing.

And so the signal was in, the DOJ was never gonna prosecute her no matter what. Comey had to make it look like they took it seriously, and he listed off her crimes in that July 5th press conference as, I don’t know, a way of self-protection. But Obama was running that whole show, whether or not Hillary was gonna be pursued and nobody was gonna do that.


RUSH: It was April 6th that Obama was on television announcing Hillary had done nothing wrong. And, I mean, once the president of the United States says Hillary’s done nothing wrong, the message has been sent. Hillary’s book is coming out. She goes after Crazy Bernie. That’s also something out there to get into.

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