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RUSH: Over the weekend, the flagship paper of the Drive-By Media, the New York Times, expressed concern for the Republican-led Congress. They claimed that President Trump’s Executive Order to stop paying insurance companies the subsides they were getting under Obamacare has put Congress in a “tight spot.”

Trump’s ending those subsidies, they say, could lead to chaos in the insurance landscape. Insurance companies might flee Obamacare. The costs to stay in Obamacare might rise, causing some consumers to be priced-out.

The Times even found a hostile Republican governor willing to spout Democrat talking points. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval vented that Trump’s action would hurt kids, families, people with mental health issues, veterans, well it would just hurt everybody.

First things first. The New York Times and every other Drive-By Media outlet ignore the central issue. The subsidies flowing to insurance companies under Obamacare were illegal, according to a federal court decision. The payments were unconstitutional from day one and they had to end.

Second. People have already been hurt by Obamacare. Costs have been rising uncontrollably since it was enacted. There’s already chaos. People were already priced-out of good coverage. Millions lost their doctors and plans they liked, along with freedom to follow their conscience.

And last. Congress is only in a tight spot because Republicans failed to honor their seven-year promise to get rid of this! I don’t have any have sympathy, especially for the New York Times. I kinda like it that they’re acting like stuck pigs actually.

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