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RUSH: This Chris Cillizza story. I’m just gonna reference this one more. I referenced it earlier and I had to speed it up to get finished with it during the break.

“Jeff Flake Just Flew a Kamikaze Mission at Donald Trump.” This is Chris Cillizza. As I say, we like Cillizza. He’s a nice guy. He doesn’t know anything other than what the Drive-Bys say. Everything else is like foreign language, foreign country. So in his world, Jeff Flake standing up and taking on Donald Trump, knowing full well that his political career will end, is an act of bravery and courage unparalleled.

And it wasn’t a kamikaze mission, Chris. Jeff Flake had already done the kamikaze long before he stood up for that speech. Jeff Flake didn’t even see this as a kamikaze mission. You know what Jeff Flake was doing, Chris? Let me tell you what he thought he was doing. Jeff Flake, by standing up and making that speech and saying all these anti-Trump things beforehand, Jeff Flake was misreading America and the Republican Party, just like you guys do. Jeff Flake thought he was going to be treated as a hero.

Jeff Flake thought he was going to become a national figure, a national hero because he was willing to stand up and say what needed to be said in order to save this country from this reprobate pig, Donald Trump. He thought, Chris, that he was gonna become, for lack of a better term, a big star. He thought he was going to gain national acclaim and be the toast of Washington, when the truth is he’s not even polling 18% in his reelection campaign, and he is an incumbent in Arizona.

His big effort at becoming a national star deeply courageous and brave for daring to take on the tyrant Trump has blown up in his face. Cillizza writes about it as Jeff Flake falling on his sword for the good of us all. What crap. That’s what you all want to see this as and that’s maybe what Flake thought he was doing. He was gonna be a martyr. He was gonna give up his career to save America. And instead what happens, he can’t even get 18% as an incumbent in his election bid in Arizona.

He didn’t take out the president. He’s not gonna ever come close to taking out the president. He rolled the dice, and he lost big. He did not do a kamikaze mission by making that speech. The kamikaze mission occurred long before that when he made a misjudgment call on where his own voters were regarding his position and his work.

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