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Oct 26, 2017


“Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light, America’s Real Anchorman, soothing and calming a chaotic nation with dulcet tones — rhetoric and resonance spreading coast to coast via the Golden EIB Microphone here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Media, Anti-Leftist Studies.”

NewsBusters: Bias: 1,000 Minutes for Trump/Russia vs. 20 Seconds for Hillary/Russia
CNN: Trump Campaign Analytics Company Contacted WikiLeaks About Clinton Emails
New York Post: Why Doesn’t Hillary’s ‘Dossier’ Trick Count as Treason? – David Harsanyi
The Federalist: Here Are The 10 Most Important Reported Claims About The Steele Dossier On Russia
AP: Senators Rally Behind Trump and His Agenda After Mini-Revolt
CNBC: Sen. Bob Corker: Criticism of Trump will ‘Absolutely Not’ Affect My Tax-Reform Vote
National Review: The ‘Never Trump’ Construct – Victor Davis Hanson
The Hill: Clinton: ‘The Republican Party is Imploding’
BBC: Harvey Weinstein: Natassia Malthe Accuses Producer of Rape
AP: Senators Rally Behind Trump and His Agenda After mini-Revolt
CNN: Jeff Flake Just Flew a Kamikaze Mission Against Donald Trump – Chris Cillizza
New York Times: What to Know About the Dossier of Trump Research and Who Paid for It – Kenneth Vogel
Slate: The Clinton Campaign Reportedly Funded the Salacious Trump Dossier. Does It Matter?
CNSNews: Nunes: Did FBI Use ‘Unverified Information to Open Up Inquiries Into American Citizens?’
CNN: Five Women Accuse Journalist and ‘Game Change’ Co-Author Mark Halperin of Sexual Harassment
Breitbart: NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Bannon Won an Important Battle in This Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party’
Fox News poll: Dems lead by 15 points on generic ballot


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“The NFL’s TV numbers? Folks, it’s worse than anybody knew when you compare them to 2015. It’s down like 18%, almost 19% since 2015 league wide.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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