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RUSH: Friday night, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. He spoke with environmentalist wacko and author Bill McKibben about his efforts to convince people that climate change is real.

You know, if it was real, you wouldn’t have to convince people. That’s the thing about science. If it’s real, there’s no convincing. You don’t have to sell science. Science doesn’t need a marketing plan. Science doesn’t need a political action committee. Science doesn’t need donors. Science doesn’t need to run ads. Science is, by definition, science. It’s tested to the point of infallibility, and only then are conclusions published. And even then it’s ongoing.

But the fact of the matter is, real science, people don’t need to be persuaded of it because it is. But global warming isn’t real, man-made global warming is not real. They can’t prove it. They have no evidence. All they’ve got is computer models. If you’re a Millennial listening to me, I know you’re predisposed to think that I’m all wet and don’t know what I’m talking about, but I want you to hear this. There is no actual empirical data of man-made planet warming or man-made climate change.

All there are is computer models that have been created with the data entered by these biased, pro-global warming scientists. There isn’t any data that proves it, because if there was, if there was data, if there was science, there would be nothing to argue about. But it’s not science. This is nothing more than one of the many, many legs of the leftist political agenda. And they are trying to sell it like they sell any other political agenda.

So this McKibben guy is on with Bill Maher. And Maher says, “Have you ever convinced a denier?” See, Bill, you’re smarter than you portray on this show. Science doesn’t need to convince deniers. The science is. If there were demonstrable, unassailable scientific evidence of climate change caused by man, there wouldn’t be any argument about it. The fact that there is an argument demonstrates what this is. Whatever it is, it isn’t science.

So he says, “Have you ever convinced a denier? Have you ever been able to take someone aside and just talk to them, calmly and rationally, and have them go, ‘oh, wow, you know what? I see your point. I must have been wrong all these years.'”

MCKIBBEN: Seventy percent of Americans understand what’s going on. The 30% who don’t aren’t gonna be convinced by the next study of infrared absorption patterns in the stratosphere or whatever. They believe what they believe for ideological reasons. If you spent the last 30 years kind of marinating in Rush Limbaugh, you’d be, you know, impervious to reason too. We gotta take that 70% and get them active and engaged in this fight, or at least some part of them. If you just can’t stand it at Thanksgiving, you know, turn to ’em and say, “You may not believe in global warming, but global warming believes in you.”

RUSH: Global warming believes in you! Now global warming is such a great thing, it believes in you. Except they’re scared to death of global warming. They think global warming’s destroying the planet and they think we’ve gotta stop the warming and how do we do that? We stop human progress. That’s how we do it. But you see here, you who don’t believe in it do so for ideologue reasons.

McKibben here? No, no, he would not cop to be ideologically devoted. No, he’s scientific, right? Wrong. They are the ones pushing an agenda. They are the ones pushing a political, ideological belief. It is just simply those of us here trying to stand athwart history and yelling, “Stop.” “If you spent the last 30 years marinating in Rush Limbaugh, you’d be impervious to reason too.” It’s just exact opposite. The people in this audience engage in reason. It’s called critical thinking.

It’s you, Mr. McKibben, Dr. McKibben, whatever, who are brainwashing and propagandizing people, and you do not want them to think about this. You want blind obedience and acceptance. And, folks, you people are so marinated in me that you can’t even be reached. You have to be written off. They’re not even gonna try. That means they’re admitting defeat. They know they cannot compete with the reason, critical thinking, and logic that has led you to the correct position on this hoax.

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