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RUSH: The woman who refuses to waddle away quietly, Hillary Clinton, has weighed in on President Trump’s approach to North Korea. She also has advice for the ChiComs.

Hillary was the keynote speaker for a Beijing conference put on by Caijing Magazine. She addressed the audience via a video-conference setup.

According to Hillary, both Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have it all wrong when it comes to North Korea. She says they need to soften their attitude toward North Korea’s little pot-bellied dictator Kim Jong-Un. They need to try to stop relying on bluster and personal taunts to motivate him to behave better.

Hillary warned that if Trump and China do not pursue a policy of soft diplomacy, nuclear war might be the result. “Beijing should remember that inaction is a choice,” she said. Ironically, she gave her remarks the same day the little dictator fired off an ICBM that landed in Japanese waters.

And yet again, Hillary made it clear that she just can’t get over the election results. She told her ChiCom audience: “I was the candidate of reality. It just wasn’t as entertaining as the reality-TV candidate.”

Well, here’s a dose of reality, Hillary. Your so-called soft diplomacy was tried, and tried again, with North Korea. It didn’t work. It never works. It’s why we’re where we are.

And neither does inaction. You tried that in Benghazi, and we all know how that turned out.

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