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RUSH: So get this headline from Washington Post editors on Saturday: “Senate Republicans Just Failed Governing 101.” They were referring to the passage of the tax bill in the Senate.

The editorial began: “The national debt is $20 trillion and rising.” That’s true. But they failed to explain why, so I will. Barack Hussein O’s massive spending doubled the national debt to $20 trillion, while the Drive-By Media cheered him on.  But suddenly they’re angry about a rising deficit now that many Americans are about to keep more of their own money instead of sending it to Washington.

The Post claims people will have “reduced access to health care.” But they fail to tell the truth about that, so I will. The Republican tax bill repeals the Obamacare mandate. Americans will no longer be forced to buy health insurance they can’t afford and don’t want.

The Post also complains the tax bill will hurt Democrat states more than Republican states. They don’t say why, so I will. It’s because blue states are high-tax states. Until now, their residents have been subsidized, unfairly allowed to deduct their local and state taxes. Now Democrats who run those states won’t be able to hide the true cost of their taxes and their spending.

So, no, Senate Republicans haven’t failed governing. The Washington Post has failed honest journalism.

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