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RUSH: C-SPAN3 on Saturday, Library of Congress panel discussion about the 50th anniversary of the Public Broadcasting Act. It was recorded on November 3rd. It’s a month old. And Cokie Roberts, ABC News, was there. She’s also part of NPR’s Morning Edition.

ROBERTS: Today, you know, Morning Edition is listened to by more people than the three network morning shows combined, it is listened to by more people than anything other than Rush Limbaugh. And I keep saying, you know, Steve Inskeep should get what Rush gets. It is widely successful and really the primary source of news for millions and millions of people around the world.

RUSH: Ah, this opens up something else I’ve always known. Her point there is they’ve got almost as big an audience as this program, but their guys don’t make what I do. She’s talking about money. And I’ve always known this just drives them — I didn’t go to college, I probably couldn’t find Harvard if you dropped me in the middle of Boston and said, “Get there in 10 minutes.”

They’d never heard of me, I came out of nowhere, and here these are studied network professionals who’ve been to all the right schools and so forth. And it just grates on them. Of course, they don’t sell advertising at NPR. They exist totally on people giving them money. We have to earn it here. So there’s a bit of a difference.

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