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RUSH: We go to Dwight, Washington, D.C. Dwight, great to have you here, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Just fine, Rush. Hello, Rush.

RUSH: I’m right here.

CALLER: You know, I’m 67 years of age, I’m a Washingtonian, Washington, D.C. I’m a Black Guy for America. I want to tell you something. Thank you for inviting me on board your show. I find the information that you have given me and your insight to be very informative. You know, I’ve been voting ever since I come out of high school. I’ve always voted with blind loyalty, and I saw the disaster, many of my votes that I considered valuable, straight out of high school. Even now today, it rubs me the wrong way when I run across someone who says they don’t vote. Well, I’d like to remain a part of the political process.

RUSH: You know who the most famous American is today is who doesn’t vote?

CALLER: Well, when I run across these type of individuals, I do not pass judgment on ’em. I just say they’re just not on board. Me, I have to tell you, Rush, the way that you are a professional communicator, and I really appreciate the way you deliver your points across. I’m not gonna pat you on the back about so much. All I want you to do is to continue what you’ve always done.

RUSH: Wow, this is amazing.

CALLER: This is the first time I voted Republican. After this brutal primary it has appalled me.

RUSH: Dwight, let me tell you something, I have to stop you only because of the time constraints here, but I cannot convey to you how much your phone call means to me, in the way you’ve assessed what I do here and its impact on you. The whole reason I do this, you have just acknowledged it. I cannot thank you enough.

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