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RUSH: John in Nampa, Idaho. It’s great to have you. I’m glad you waited, sir. What’s shaking? What’s happening?

CALLER: Good morning, Rush. I can’t believe I’m on the phone. This is like one of my top 10 bucket list things to do.

RUSH: Well, I’m flattered. Thank you.

CALLER: And I finally get to say, “Dittos, Rush.” The reason why I called is I want to get to my point like I was told to do, the Flynn thing, you’re right on the target with this, but I wanted to throw out a scenario for you. I believe that Trump and Mueller are working together to weed out the FBI. I think this Flynn thing is simply a ruse.

And why I think that is, is he did lie to Pence, but he went to talk to Comey as well, and Comey said that he didn’t think Flynn was doing anything wrong, that he misspoke, maybe, but he didn’t think he was all that bad a guy or had any evil designs on his statement. Then Comey gets fired, and all of a sudden it’s a lie. And that’s what is going to the Mueller prosecution thing is this lie to an FBI — Comey is the FBI agent that was lied to.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Did I hear you right, you think that Mueller and Trump are colluding to destroy the FBI or to expose the FBI?

CALLER: Yes. Well, it’s corrupt, it has some corruption in it as these new text messages show. And if Mueller is an anti-Trump guy, why —

RUSH: Are you a Trump supporter? Are you a Trump voter?

CALLER: Am I? Yes.

RUSH: Who’d you vote for?

CALLER: Donald Trump.

RUSH: Oh, I thought you said no, you weren’t. So you are a Trump supporter.

CALLER: Oh, yes, sir.

RUSH: Okay. All right. I now understand this. You know, folks, I marvel at the way people think. And this one I haven’t heard. Of all the things out there, I haven’t heard John’s theory, that Trump and Mueller are actively working together to expose the FBI for being the hellhole that it is. Now, the fact that he is a Trump supporter thoroughly explains this.

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