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RUSH: Last week, a group of 12 liberal religious leaders (I didn’t know there were that many) were arrested for creating a disturbance at the Hart Senate Office Building. They say their protest is a restart of the “Poor People’s Campaign” that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was leading in 1968.

The group is planning protests in state capitols around the country to “restart the moral narrative” about poverty. They hope to influence the 2018 midterm elections.

Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote a Washington Post column to support this revived “Poor People’s Campaign.” It was a litany of the usual liberal complaints: income inequality, mass incarceration, voting disenfranchisement, catastrophic climate change, really hard on the poor, and all the rest. Her major thrust was that Republicans care only about the rich and big corporations while the little guy suffers and suffers some more.

So fifty years after Dr. King’s Poor People Campaign the left wants us to believe that nothing has changed. There’s been zero progress. America is an unjust, unfair, hell-bent on discriminating against people, throwing innocent people in jail, and making sure the poor stay poor.

So I have to ask. Where were all of these socially just, morally upright liberals hiding during the Obama years? They certainly weren’t organizing protests on behalf of the poor during those eight years.

What happened to the poor? Where were the poor? Were they not poor? Did Obama cure poverty and Trump bring it back? What happened, what changed, anybody know? Any ideas?

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