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RUSH: Yeah, my friends, it’s Christmastime. It’s the holiday season. We even here in south Florida have a cold front coming our way. Have you guys seen the long range? It’s only gonna get to 65 on Sunday, and it’s gonna be windy. And when that happens down here, you should see. It’s funny. People get out the long, heavy coats and the sweaters and stuff and they turn on the fireplace. It’s 65 degrees! (interruption) Yeah, the boots. Now, in fairness, it will be about 49 degrees at night, and that, for all intents and purposes, for here is subfreezing.

Folks, we’ve put together about a 90-second video that’s been posted on our Facebook page and at RushLimbaugh.com on the Christmas tree ornament that we commissioned this year.

Just a brief explanation. Normally, we create a little ornament that becomes a premium for new subscribers to the Rush Limbaugh website, RushLimbaugh.com, and our newsletter, The Limbaugh Letter. This year, we are continuing to offer the premium. That’s Tervis tumbler.

It keeps hot beverages hot, cold beverages cold. Cold beverages don’t sweat. These Tervis tumblers are awesome, and we have a brand-new design. In fact, show ’em again on the side camera here. This is the new Tervis tumbler. And of course that is just one side of it. Let me rotate it a bit. Some pithy statements that I have made over the course of my stellar career, that are memorialized here. This is the premium that is available el freebo with new subscriptions.

The Christmas tree ornament. We actually commissioned a forge company in Pennsylvania, and they’re handmade, each one of them is, and it is such a unique piece for us that we have put together a video documenting our process from the design to the manufacture. It explains it and shows it better than I could ever describe it here, which is why we did this, and audio from this video comes from one of my discussions of the ornament here on the program, and it’s available at the home page at RushLimbaugh.com or our Facebook page.


RUSH: I’m getting a lot of feedback on the video that we made for our ornament. Have you guys looked at the video today? The email I just got, “This looks like a Hallmark video.” I’m gonna give you a little hint. Kathryn did it, folks. Kathryn put this thing together with her trusty graphic specialist.

Of course, I had to finally approve the project, but the creative here — in fact, even taking my voice from previous comments about the ornament and editing them in. It’s a really, really well done thing. We’re really proud of it. That’s why we’ve talked about it, I think this is the third time, 90 second video, new ornament we have for Christmas trees this year at RushLimbaugh.com.

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