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RUSH: Man, oh, man, what a strategy the Democrats seem to have assembled here, folks. I mean, it looks like they’re willing to throw an endless number of people overboard on the sexual harassment stuff just to get Trump and Roy Moore. It’s kind of breathtaking to behold this.

Greetings. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh at 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

There are more sexual harassment revelations today. The NFL Network and three players, including Marshall Faulk and Ike Taylor. Ike Taylor, number 24, cornerback for the Steelers, former. And Marshall Faulk of course for the St. Louis Rams. He played for a while for the Indianapolis Dolts. And there’s another player in there. Oh, yeah, McNabb is in there, that’s right. Donovan McNabb is in there identified as a harasser. It’s a makeup artist that’s alleging all of this abuse at the NFL Network.

We’ve got a Disney guy that has been forced out, another one at NPR. It’s just incredible. Somebody sent me today a clip — do you remember — oh, what’s the name of the movie? It’s a Cary Grant, Doris Day movie. Something about The Trouble with Mink or Touch of Mink or so some such. Anyway, doesn’t matter what the title is. Somebody sent me a YouTube clip of it, and basically Cary Grant is a billionaire businessman and she’s the secretary. She works for him. He offers her a whirlwind romance. Touch of Mink. That’s what it is. Touch of Mink. This is a fifties movie, maybe early sixties.

I’ve seen it. My parents let me see this kind of stuff, but my neighbor would not let their kids go see anything with Doris Day in it when we were single digit age-wise. I told Doris Day that once. She got the biggest cackle out of it. Anyway, this billionaire businessman, Cary Grant, offers this secretary a whirlwind round-the-world romance while a building is being renovated and redecorated. And it’s one of the most lavish — nobody would turn the trip down. And she says, “Wouldn’t you just marry me instead, couldn’t you just marry me?”

And he says no. And he makes it clear this is a one-time thing. There’s no love involved here, no romance, it’s totally up to her. The point is that this exchange today would be sexual harassment. This exchange today would be sexual harassment, whereas many years ago it was standard operating procedure. Now, in the movie, Doris Day’s not offended, she’s not upset, the guy’s not wielding any power over her, she doesn’t have to go on the trip to keep her job. He’s just looking for a good time with a good-looking babe for a little while and makes it clear it’s nothing more than that for no longer than what it would take to do the trip.

And she counters with a demand for a ring. And he tells her, “Nope, nope, not happening, not gonna do it. I’m Cary Grant, I never get married in movies. Just wouldn’t work.” Image and all that. So it was a stark contrast, because that kind of activity was common back then. This is not Mad Men behavior. Don’t misunderstand. This is all sophisticated and aboveboard with total honesty. But he was the boss; she was the secretary.

And when you look at it, you realize that what is — in many cases, not all — in many cases today what’s being called sexual harassment was normal, everyday interplay between men and women at one time. It was not considered harassment. It was considered seduction. It was considered dating. But, man, all of that’s out the window.

And the Democrats are leading the charge here in all of this. Well, no, I’m not saying that Donovan McNabb and Ike Taylor and Marshall Faulk are Democrats. But it’s never ending no matter where you look. They may well be, for all I know. I don’t know what their politics are. If they’re at the NFL Network, the odds are they are liberal Democrat, but that’s not the point.

And so yesterday three or four of the women who accuse Trump of sexual misconduct resurfaced to demand that Congress investigate Trump’s past. Now, to those of us paying attention, this is obviously a strategy, and it is a written policy somewhere, and all of these events are happening according to a timeline and plan.

So they make Franken walk the plank, Weinstein’s walked the plank, any number of other prominent Democrats are being told to walk the plank, and after enough of them have done so, then they go out and get the Trump babes. And they were on with Megyn Kelly and I saw one interchange. One of the women claimed to be traumatized because Trump asked for her phone number. And Megyn Kelly dutifully said (paraphrasing exchange), “How did you feel when he asked for your phone number?”

“Well, I was scared. I knew I had to give it to him and I didn’t want to give it to him, but I did, oh, my God, it was stress, I can’t tell you. I didn’t want to give him the number, but I knew I had to so I did.”

“How did you feel when he asked for your phone number?” As though such a thing is life changing traumatic. That’s just one example. But the key here is that they are demanding that Congress investigate Trump’s past, and they’re also demanding that he resign the presidency. One of these Trump accusers, Samantha Holvey, said Monday that Trump ogled her and other Miss USA pageant contestants in their dressing room in 2006.

Trump ogled them. He just stared at them in their dressing room. Did Trump own this pageant back then? He owned it at some point. I just don’t know the date range. Imagine, my friends, ogling a beauty pageant contestant. I mean, that’s beyond the pale. What kind of reprobate pervert ogles a beauty pageant contestant? I mean, it never happens before, nobody ever does this.

Everybody knows that nobody civilized ogles beauty pageant contestants, particularly during the swimsuit competition. It never happens. You know as well as I do during the swimsuit competition at beauty pageants, the viewers are imagining the IQ and the intelligence of the women and are eagerly waiting for that section of the show where they get to show off how smart they are. Or they go to the bathroom. They do anything. They’re not interested in the swimsuit portion, right? There’s no ogling of beauty pageant contestants there.

And Trump is the owner of the pageant, obviously interested in putting the best face forward often as he can on these kinds of things. You know, if this is true, if Trump was really ogling beauty pageant contestants, he should resign, go to reeducation classes now. We’ve gotta get this right. We can’t have the president of the United States known as somebody who ogles beauty pageant contestants, can we? Who would ever think that ever happens? I was shocked when I heard this. I was literally stunned. Have you ever ogled a beauty pageant contestant? You have?


RUSH: Senator Fauxcahontas. CNN breaking news: Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren has accused Trump of “slut shaming.”


RUSH: And, look, a couple of minor corrections. Doris Day did not work for Cary Grant in the stupid movie, A Touch of Mink. The trip was to Bermuda and they got married at the end of it. So if she didn’t work for him, then I don’t get what the comparison to sexual harassment is. If she just worked in a secretarial pool but not for him, then I don’t know why people are analogizing it to sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment’s all about powerful men threatening horrible things to women who don’t comply. Anyway, we have a break coming up here, but I need to keep going on this Democrat strategy, because, folks, it’s amazing. They’re willing — they’re not just willing; they’re doing it! They are throwing a lot of Democrat elected officials and others overboard on sexual harassment allegations, and it’s clear why. Trump’s the target next — which means, I guess, the Russian collusion thing ain’t working out the way they had planned.


RUSH: Until Trump is forced out, the Democrats, it looks like they’re gonna allow each other, Democrat men accused of sexual misconduct who have been fired. And the reason for this is that, as soon as any leftist organization — the Democrat Party, you name it — as soon as they give a pass to a man accused of sexual misconduct, their strategy crumbles. That’s why whenever a Democrat today is accused of sexual harassment, he’s gone! They’re jumping on him, they’re pressuring him to leave, to resign, or what have you, because this is how they are going to moralize, occupy the moral high ground to force Trump out.

Now, these four women that have alleged sexual harassment by Trump came forward yesterday demanding congressional investigations. But the thing about the Democrats here is they’re not out to protect women. This is not about protecting women, it’s not about loving them, it’s not about saving them. It is about them gunning for Trump. And if this keeps up, this is gonna be a long, rough ride for a bunch of these phony male feminists. You know, all these Hollywood guys who’ve claimed to be pro-choice, pro-feminist, all so Hollywood women would embrace them and let them in and be close.

Guys are always gonna do what they think they have to do to get where they want to go with women, and if you gotta be pro-choice, if you gotta be pro-feminist, you gotta love the NOW gang, then that’s what Hollywood men are gonna do. I wonder how many Hollywood men really don’t care one way or the other about pro-life or pro-choice. I wonder how many Hollywood men may actually be pro-life but they don’t dare say so. I wonder how much genuine phoniness there is in this issue?

Folks, it’s an amazing thing to watch. Look at this. I have a story here from the AP. #MeToo Spotlight Increasingly Pointed at Past Trump Conduct. And so we now see the realization of what we have been predicting for months. Ever since the Weinstein stuff hit the fan, we have known, I have made it clear what I think is gonna happen here. This is the latest effort they’re making to get rid of Trump.

And here’s the AP’s story. “Donald Trump sailed past a raft of allegations of sexual misconduct in last year’s presidential election.” 11th-hour accusations that were presented without the slightest shred of any substantiation, by the way. As I recall, none of the last-minute allegations about Trump stood up to even the slightest scrutiny.

One of those claims, if you remember, was that Trump was making out and groping a woman in first class, which was supposedly witnessed by somebody who came forward to say it didn’t happen. And then after the election, these women disappeared back into the woodwork, back into the ether. As soon as the effort failed, these women went away. They were brought forth for political, October Surprise type things. When it didn’t work, they faded away.

Now, the AP says, “The national #MeToo spotlight –” this is women joining the crowd “– is turning back to Mr. Trump and his past conduct. Several of his accusers are urging Congress to investigate his behavior, and a number of Democratic lawmakers are demanding his resignation. With each day seeming to bring new headlines that force men from positions of power, the movement to expose sexual harassment has forced an unwelcome conversation on the White House.”

Unwelcome conversation on the White House? It’s the Democrats that are dropping like flies. Ninety percent if not more of the allegations of sexual harassment are made against liberal men. Men who work in liberal media. Men who work in liberal Hollywood. It really is uncanny the number of liberal men who are being accused. And what a bunch of phonies. These are the guys that have been preaching to all the rest of us about how you must respect women, we must all be pro-choice, and they try to convince us they’re feminists and all this in a political sense.

And you look at what they really have been doing, and they don’t have any respect for women, and they don’t have any love for women. They don’t care or protect women. It really is scuz bucket behavior on the part of these guys. And the denials they issue are some of the most baseless, halfhearted denials that I have ever seen. And yet in all of this, an unwelcome conversation has started in the White House?

“In a heated exchange with reporters in the White House briefing room on Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders steadfastly dismissed accusations against the Republican president and suggested the issue had already been litigated in Mr. Trump’s favor on Election Day. But to Mr. Trump’s accusers, the rising #MeToo movement is an occasion to ensure he is at last held accountable.”

Look, she has a point. The Access Hollywood video and all of these last-minute allegations, and he still was elected. And isn’t that how Hillary is trying to excuse any refocus on her own husband? “Well, that’s in the past. That’s been handled. That’s old news. We’ve dealt with that,” Hillary said. “You can’t go back and hold Bill accountable.” But they’re doing that, even. These people in the Drive-By Media are willing to throw Bill Clinton overboard with a 20-year hindsight retrograde look just to get Trump.

One of the leaders of this movement, one of the Democrats leading the charge to force Trump to resign over these allegations is the gracious and lovely Kirsten Gillibrand. Now, let’s remember. Kirsten Gillibrand got elected to Congress back in 2006. And if you remember, her election was a huge upset, because the district — well, the district that she’s from is rock-ribbed conservatives. There was a story leaked to the press that John Sweeney, her opponent, John Sweeney’s wife had called 911 to report that her husband was knocking her around the house.

The police report was never produced, and his wife later said she never made the call. You remember this? I doubt that you do. Very few people do. But this is how she ends up being in the United States Senate. There’s a bogus call from somebody claiming to be Sweeney’s wife who says he beating her up inside the house, 911. The police report was never produced, and the wife later said she never made the call, and oddly enough, the Gillibrand campaign never denied leaking that story to the press, either.

So Gillibrand’s election to the Senate was a special election since the Senate seat had been vacated by Hillary being picked to be Obama’s secretary of state. So she’s out there demanding that Trump resign, that Trump’s this, that, and the other thing, Trump’s a scuz bucket. And Trump tweeted this: “Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!”

Now, the left is just in a tizzy over this Trump tweet. They practically had to shut down MSNBC today because all the oil in the gaskets was exploding over one thing in this tweet. “Gillibrand came to my office begging for campaign contributions and would do anything for them.” They are claiming that Trump is saying that she was — well, you fill in the blank — that she would do anything.

They think that Trump is insulting her sexually, her sexual character. And they are flipping their wigs in the Drive-By Media. This gives me pause to make an observation. How many times a day do you encounter stories or people on TV asking, theorizing, “Why does Trump do this? Why does Trump tweet so much? Why can’t Trump stop? These tweets, gotta be the end of him. Somebody needs to tell Trump he needs to stop tweeting.”

How many of you have an idea why he does it? I’ll tell you what it isn’t. A lot of people think Trump does it because it’s the only way he can get his side of the news out there. That’s not why he does this. That’s not why he tweets multiple times a day. I mean, it’s a result. He does get his side of the news out there. He does combat the narratives that the Drive-Bys report.

But that’s not technically why he does it. There are actually many reasons why he does it. But the first and foremost reason why he does it is because he loves toying with these people. He loves wrapping the Drive-Bys around his little finger. He loves tweaking ’em, just like I do.

I love getting close to the line of saying things that I know are gonna upset ’em and send ’em into all kinds of convulsions just for the fun of doing it, and that is a large part of why Trump does this, just to create the reaction that he gets. From Kirsten Gillibrand, the reaction tweet: “You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office.” So Trump reads the reaction and says, “Bingo. Success. They’re reacting to me.”

You know what a bad day for Trump is? When his name’s not in the paper, when people aren’t talking about him, when he hasn’t irritated somebody. If two days where Trump hasn’t irritated somebody go by, he’s gonna fix it. And they can’t… They’re used to presidents and very powerful political people not acting this way. “This is… This is… This is not decent! You’re not supposed to share what you think. You’re not supposed to provoke your opponent this way. You’re not supposed to laugh at them, make fun of them.

“You’re not supposed to do this. This is so unseemly. It’s unpresidential.” They can’t stand it, and they can’t stand that Trump loves it, and they can’t stand that Trump gets pleasure from it. And they can’t stand that Trump’s supporters love it and want more of it. They keep feeding him. Against their best interests, they keep feeding the guy. They’re in such perpetual outrage that they have lost focus. Just like this Russia thing. They are so immersed in it, they think it really happened. They do!

I’m convinced that they really do think it happened. It’s not that they’re knowingly trying to prove what they know is not true. They think it did, they’re so immersed in it. And likewise they think Trump is just such a low-rent scuz bucket that they don’t take the time to analyze how he’s toying with them. They haven’t the ability to see themselves as Wile E. Coyote. They see themselves as some great enforcer that’s gonna get rid of the people they don’t like. But of course that’s not working out for them, either.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s go to the phones. We will start in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Hi, Lynn. Great to have you on the EIB Network today. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good. This is the first time I’ve ever called in and I’m calling in because of outrage. Two points. First point, very quickly: How can they come after Trump for unsubstantiated accusations when Clinton went on national TV and admitted his abuse? Second, more importantly —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it a minute. When did Clinton admit it? He lied about it. He said he didn’t do it.

CALLER: I’m under the impression that he finally went on TV and apologized to the American public? Didn’t he?

RUSH: I don’t recall if he did that or not.

CALLER: All right. That’s my impression that he did, and there’s the dress. Whatever. But more importantly, I’m outraged with the women of this country. I’m a professional woman of over 30 years and I have been harassed dozens times. As a woman — as an adult, professional or not — we all have the opportunity to say “no,” shut the door, or walk away. I know, in fact, for a fact. I worked for a woman who had a deliberate affair with a superior and then turned around and sued for millions and got it.

And it’s reprehensible. And I don’t believe these women. They’re out for notoriety and/or money. There are women who are absolutely unintentionally and unwantingly harassed and raped and whatever. But it’s my belief because I’ve seen it so much in my profession that there are women that allow that to happen and then turn around and point the finger, and that outrages me. Because I have successfully said, “No, thank you,” walked away. And I don’t sue. If I had, I’d be worth millions today!

RUSH: Well, I hear you. I have to tell you, I’m very sympathetic to women who are abused/harassed by men who have the ability to fire them, to cut their salaries, to not give them raises, to penalize them. I think that would intimidate women into shutting up if they have no other job to go to. I think that would frighten them. They would be afraid to behave as you have described your own behavior. They’d be afraid they’d be fired. That makes them a threat. Refusing the advance and then getting in the face of the harasser and telling him off and then leaving, she now knows something and she’s not afraid.

She becomes a threat. So now she’s a target for either getting fired or other things. I think what you’re reacting to is what a lot of people are reacting to. All of these allegations of sexual harassment that are brought forth against politicians are viewed suspiciously because politics is politics, and politics corrupts things, and you are dubious, say, of women who sat silent for 38 years and then all of a sudden before an election claiming a guy attacked them or did something as in the Roy Moore case.

And some of these other charges. Like these allegations against Trump now. You don’t believe these women are traumatized like they’re trying to tell you they are. You think this is being done to gain political advantage and you’re standing up and defending the people being accused. I totally understand. I think there are two different things here, and real sexual harassment’s being corrupted yet again by the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Well, now, here we go. Fifty-nine congresswoman are demanding an investigation into the allegations against Donald Trump. No, no, not Russia. No, no, not collusion. No. No, no, no, no. These 59 congresswomen are demanding a probe into Trump’s sexual harassment of women. Four of them went on NBC yesterday to go public with their allegations and the shock and the dismay they felt when they were allegedly harassed by Trump.

Now, some people might think this is orchestrated. (laughing) Look at the pattern here! This is exactly what our previous caller was talking about. What she’s really ticked off about is sexual harassment that isn’t. It’s made up. The Democrats corrupt everything they touch.

Look, folks, sexual harassment is a really delicate subject because it does happen. Like everything else, it does happen. And it happens both ways. There are men who are sexually harassed by women, young boys, teachers. It’s undeniable here. But when the Democrats get hold of this kind of stuff and try to politicize it all for their electoral gain, they then taint the whole thing and they raise credibility problems about every accuser in the process.

They’re doing a great disservice to women who genuinely are harassed and mistreated at work by claiming that it happens everywhere, by claiming that it happens all the time. And they are so wedded to this that they are now allowing, they are suggesting, they are asking their own perps to resign and leave office. It’s the most incredible thing. Mere allegations with no proof are now being used by the left to fire people and ruin their careers, their income, their families. The list is endless. And like I said, 90% of it is mostly liberal and leftist.

You know, the left adores the ACLU, and for years they have praised due process. They’ve demanded proof. They stand up for criminals. The left is where you go if you’re accused of something, you want to get off, go to a Democrat. The Democrat identifies with criminals. Democrats constantly, as part of the political process, trying to get criminals let out of jail. They’re accusing judges and prosecutors of illegally prosecuting and convicting. Some of it’s racial, but still, as a political matter, the Democrats have always sided with the criminal element, as a political matter.

But now look at this reversal. Could somebody tell me that I’m wrong here? Their plan appears to be to allow the destruction of a lot of liberal Democrats out there, even on unproven charges, so that they can say, “See? See? Trump and Moore have to go. See? See? These are our standards. Where are yours?” They are allowing their own elected Democrats and other Democrats not elected but still in power positions in politics, they’re allowing unproven allegations of sexual harassment to derail these people.

There is a real thinning of the ranks taking place here all so at the end of it they will be able to say, “Trump and Moore have to go, look at what we’re doing. We’re cleaning our house. We’re getting rid of the perverts in our party. That means you gotta get rid of Trump. That means you gotta get rid of Roy Moore,” and then where does that stop?

Now, you know what I would do if I were running the White House operation on this? If I were running the Republican operation on this? You know, there’s an old adage, and it happens to be very true. When your enemy is destroying himself, stand aside. Let it happen. If I were running the Republican show on this, I would stand aside and I would let them continue to force their own people out, like Al Franken, to their heart’s content. And then I would ignore every demand they make that we act in a reciprocal manner by getting rid of the Trump and Roy Moore, if he wins.

You know what the left is doing? You know all these statues they wanted to tear down after Charlottesville? They’re doing that. They’re getting rid not just statues, they’re getting rid of their left-wing sexual harassing pervert heroes. They would never have done this to Clinton 20 years ago. They would have never have done this to Ted Kennedy at the height of the waitress sandwich days.

But Al Franken, you name ’em, Harvey, doesn’t matter, the list is endless, go, gone, we’re not defending you, you’re outta here. They almost can’t because these are the people, the people on the left who have been claiming to be great feminists, pro-choice, standing with women’s issues and so forth.

So if this is what women want to do right now is stand up and say “I’ve been sexually harassed, I have been abused,” then the Democrats kind of have to listen to it. But they found a benefit, lose all of these guys who they think might not win reelection anyway all so they can say at the end of it, “Now you guys have to get rid of Trump. You guys have to get rid of Roy Moore,” if, of course, Roy Moore wins.

So just sit back and let them keep outing their own leftist men, stripping their lives out from under them, but then ignore any calls for doing that to Moore and Trump. Why? Well, it’s very simple. If Roy Moore wins, it means that voters will have considered all of these allegations and still elected him. Voters were able to look at Trump. I mean, they produced more dirt on Trump than any presidential candidate in my memory.

Voters were able to look at Trump. They made a decision, despite the Access Hollywood video, despite the women that they brought out late in the campaign claiming Trump had harassed them, voters in liberal Democrat states made a calculated choice that Trump was still the one who could build the wall, drain the swamp, and “Make America Great Again.” That mattered much more than whatever cause of the day the left gets soaked up in.

So here’s my question. Voters have already weighed in on whatever the Democrats are alleging about Trump today. Women were brought forth, the Access Hollywood video was brought forth. All during the campaign, people knew it, elected Trump anyway, as I knew they would. People are fed up with these political last-minute surprises affecting their vote. People are fed up with being manipulated like this, 30- or 40-year-old allegations. They’re fed up with it. And both parties engage in it, but the Democrats far more, and they’re fed up with it.

But the point is, they bring all this dirt forward about Trump, and he wins anyway. So why do they think now that trotting out another little pony show of accusers is going to sway people now in demanding that Trump leave? People have already looked past it in Trump’s case, and they elected him. This is why I would let ’em keep doing what they’re doing and then refuse their demands that Trump resign. Of course, he’s not going to.

But they’re gonna keep it up. This is all about 2018 and having the Democrats run the House so that they can begin impeachment proceedings. That’s what all of this is about. It’s what CNN is doing. Everything CNN is doing, every story they’re lying about, every lie that they peddle is all about having the Democrats elected in 2018. All of this sexual harassment stuff. They know Trump’s already passed the test. They’re trying to get voters to fix their mistake in the 2018 midterms by sending Democrats back to the House of Representatives.

And there’s one reason why this is happening: Russia is a bust, the Russia-hacked-the-election story is a bust, Trump colluding with Russia is a bust.


RUSH: The fact of the matter is, folks, everything the Democrat Party is touching today it is corrupting — whatever it is — including this whole concept of sexual harassment, which I want to go further into, because our last caller made a good point.

We’re living in an era when women… You know, “I am woman; hear my roar! Stand up. I’m tough. You can’t bully me. You can’t do this.” And yet in the Democrat version of sexual harassment, “Women are helpless little waifs. They’re little wallflowers. They can’t protect themselves; it’s so horrible!” This goes against everything the feminazis have been trying to tell us about what women have become.

Look what the Democrats are doing to women even now. They’re trying to turn them into weak, helpless little waifs. All the while the feminist movement has been telling women, “Stand up for yourself! You don’t need a relationship to be happy. You don’t need a husband. You don’t need a man. Just find a dog and maybe another woman and your life is set.”


RUSH: Now, the observation has been made to me that, “Rush, be very, very careful here, because what the Democrats are doing is very shrewd. Yes, you are correct. They are excommunicating the sexual harassers in their midst. But they are getting rid of people whose replacements are guaranteed to be liberal Democrats. So they are not losing strength. They are not getting rid of people who are gonna be replaced by Republicans.” And, yeah, that’s true. We’ve noted this. Al Franken.

That’s why these people don’t mean anything to them personally. They don’t care about Al Franken. I don’t think Franken knows this yet. Maybe he’s figured it out. And all the others that they are waving good-bye to. They’re moving ’em out of there. They’re showing no loyalty no matter what they’ve done. No matter how much money they’ve raised, no matter how they’ve voted, doesn’t matter, they’re gone if there’s a taint of sexual harassment. But they’re only getting rid of people who are going to be replaced by fellow like-minded leftists.

But once you start excommunicating people, you can’t start making exceptions, and who knows where this is gonna end? I’m talking about from their standpoint. It’s clear what they’re doing. They are attempting to claim the moral high ground on the treatment of women, and they’re getting rid of their bad actors in a very public and very almost matter-of-fact, mean way. They’re not tolerant. They’re not being compassionate. These harassers are bad actors and they’re gone, all so as to be able to get rid of Trump via impeachment by taking back the House in 2018. That’s the endgame here.


RUSH: Let me get back to our first caller, ’cause I want to try to wade through this, because it’s complicated. And what complicates this is human nature.

Human nature involving men and women, and for the moment I’m talking about heterosexual men and women. Don’t be offended if you’re not. It happens to be the majority, and we’re not hearing a whole lot of cases of homosexual harassment, except in terms of pedophilia. Leave that aside. Not that that’s not important, either. But human nature, men and women, no matter what politicians or moralists do, they’re never going to be able to change the basic structure of human nature that results in men and women getting together.

Now, how they get together, that’s where all of this gets complicated. Do they get together by force? Bad. Do they get together by chance? Good. Do they get together with love? Even better. Do they get together temporarily, one night out and that’s it? But getting together is what drives everything forward.

And the attempt to politicize this and to establish political acceptance, politically okay, politically not okay, mannerisms, techniques, strategies, because there is all of that in the pursuit of mating, call it love. And both sides engage in it, both sides are aggressive in this, both sides have strategies. Some are aware of the strategies; others are not aware of it because it’s just human nature. Some are good at it; some are bad at it. Some have so many self-conscious problems, lack of self-esteem that they don’t even try to pursue members of the opposite sex. Others are obsessed with self-love and think everybody wants ’em.

Folks, it’s a mixture of things that can’t be regulated. It’s a mixture of things that can’t even be identified because we’re all different and we all have different techniques, ways, desires, ambitions. It’s like everything else about life that the left attempts to regulate. They claim that there are only one or two or three acceptable ways of living, of spending, of earning, whatever it is, they name them, and then they try to politicize or criminalize anything other than what they approve.

The most obvious effort at politicization of this is feminism. As an offshoot of feminism, we have the political examples of sexual harassment versus what I think are real examples of it. Sexual harassment is a real thing at work or in other places where refusal to comply can result in danger, professional harm, or physical harm. Those are real life circumstances. They are very real. And the people that engage in that are indeed reprobates.

But that’s not the kind of sexual harassment we’re really talking about, unless we’re talking Harvey Weinstein, unless we’re talking Bill Clinton, unless we’re talking about somebody well known. But the sexual harassment that we’re talking about today is the kind that has been politicized and ginned up by the Democrats and finely defined and tuned and specified so as to be able to obviously target a few people. At the top of that list is Donald Trump.

For example, yesterday on NBC, four women appeared with Megyn Kelly to claim that Trump had harassed them and they demanded a congressional investigation, and one of them said that she was petrified when he asked for her phone number. And Megyn Kelly said, “How did you feel when he asked for your phone number?” as though it was the worst thing that could be asked. It was the most invasive question that Trump could have asked. “He wanted my number.” “What did you feel like? Were you frightened? Were you scared?”

And she said, “Yeah, and I gave it to him. I was afraid of what would happen if I didn’t.” We’re gonna investigate somebody over this, over asking for a phone number. If she had not given the phone number, she wants us to believe she would have been harassed and pestered and maybe harmed by Trump. This takes it to the theater of the absurd. When the Democrat Party politicizes anything for the express purpose of advancing their agenda, they corrupt it. And they are corrupting and confusing the time-honored ritual of men and women getting together.

They are forcing a self-consciousness and a guilt on people that is resulting in a fear of following one’s heart, one’s desires, one’s instincts. Because ruination could be the result of failure. And I think when the caller said, “These women should be standing up for themselves! ‘You don’t do that to me,’ and slap the guy!” Well, we have been told over the last 30 years that this is exactly what women are to do. “Hear me roar! I’m strong! I am woman; you can’t do that to me!” Now when the Democrats get hold of emancipated women, what becomes of them?

Why, they become powerless, helpless little waifs, snowflakes, incapable of resisting the most awful advances — and we need congressional investigations and lawsuits and so forth. This is just a continuation of what the left has been doing ever since I’ve been old enough to notice. They’re conducting a war on the basic elements of human nature and trying to bend and shape human nature to their political benefit. And they’re corrupting everything, confusing people. And in the process, they are destroying lives and fortunes and families, all for the sake of advancing their political agenda. And that, folks, needs to stop.

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