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RUSH: Do you remember back when the Weinstein story broke in the New York Times we were all saying, “Why? Why now? Just ’cause Hillary lost? But what brought this about?” People said, “He’s lost his power in D.C., and he’s been hated for so long, and now people finally have a chance, and Ronan Farrow was…” Maybe we were all wrong. Maybe the reason it was time for Weinstein to finally be outed was because it triggered all of this. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Capitol Hill this afternoon, 69 members of Congress. Lois Frankel (our former almost-mayor here) held a press conference.

FRANKEL: The “me too” movement as arrived. Sexual abuse will not be tolerated, whether it’s by a Hollywood producer, the chef of a restaurant, a member of Congress, or the president of the United States. No man or woman is above the law.

RUSH: Okay, and here’s more from Ms. Frankel who once asked me to pose for a photo in a restaurant here and then snuck outside and went around the corner to the Sprinkles Ice Cream store. Q&A. “Would this be an impeachable offense?”

FRANKEL: I think we have to see what we, uhhhh, learn. I think certainly crimes — uh, violations of the law can lead to that.

LAWRENCE: And history has shown us that we impeach a president for inappropriate sexual behavior in the past. (sic) So I would say history answers that question.

RUSH: That’s not what happened. That’s Brenda Lawrence, Democrat, Michigan. Clinton was not impeached for sex. He was impeached for lying to a grand jury. See, these people don’t even know that. These are members of Congress; they don’t even know what Slick Willie was literally impeached over. He was impeached because of Peyronie’s Disease with Paula Jones. Wasn’t what it was. “History as shown us that we impeached a president for inappropriate sexual behavior.” No, we didn’t. Maybe we should have gone that way, but we didn’t. Dummkopf.

Anyway, there’s one more of these but as is the usual case, I’m out of time right now.


RUSH: No, no. I remember speculating when the Weinstein story dropped that it might be ultimately aimed at Trump, but back then I did not envision the full strategy that we now see being implemented. Just makes you wonder what happened to the Russian collusion, the Russian hack story. Almost kind of makes you long for it.

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