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RUSH: Yeah, I saw it. So what? I got people — I don’t know — shocked, surprised that Paul Ryan has said that he’s leaving Washington after the 2018 midterms. Why do I keep having to clean these damn glasses? Every… I’m starting to get real irritable here today, folks. I’m gonna apologize in advance. So what, Paul Ryan’s leaving! I mean, let me ask you this. What Republican — what sane Republican — would want to be in that town? Well, we just had a caller talking about the hate on Twitter. The heck with that.

How about the hate in that town? How about the hate…? We’ve had everything the Democrats touch in that town’s been corrupted, including now the FBI, including the Department of Justice and this so-called investigation.


RUSH: I also have a note here Mr. Snerdley about this whole thing about Paul Ryan leaving at The Politico wrong, he’s not going anywhere. They’re just dead wrong. They got a whole cover story like a magazine, “It was his dream to come here and see tax cuts and he was doing what he was born to do, and now he can’t wait to leave,” some such thing it was headlined as that.

And I just got a quick note — I can’t tell you from who. Doesn’t matter. That he’s not leaving. His office has denied it too. Well, that doesn’t mean anything, either. We always rely on outside sources.


RUSH: Oh, by the way, Paul Ryan is not leaving. Here, grab sound bite number 24. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about this at the press briefing just a moment ago.

SANDERS: The president did speak to the Speaker not too long ago and made sure that the Speaker knew very clearly — and in no uncertain terms — that if that news was true, he was very unhappy with it. The Speaker assured the president that those were not accurate reports and they looked forward to working together for a long time to come.

REPORTER: So did this catch the president by surprise?

SANDERS: It sounds like it may have caught Speaker Ryan by surprise. I don’t think it was very accurate reporting, and so it sounds like they’re both committed to — and looking forward to — spending a lot more time together over the next hopefully seven, eight years.

RUSH: You need to see this story. This Politico story looks like the cover of a magazine. The top half of your computer screen will be a photo of Paul Ryan, and then the story is that, and it’s all about how Ryan’s worn out. Tax reform is apparently the epitome of his dream accomplishments, and once that’s done, he’s out of there. I mean, it’s not “might,” it’s not “thinking about it,” it’s “done deal.” And it turns out to be not true? This isn’t just a little filler. This isn’t a box that’s part of another story. This is an entire cover story on The Politico website!

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