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RUSH: Now the tax bill. There’s a lot going on in this tax bill. (interruption) Well, you be the judge. Snerdley asked me, “Is it good?” CNN had a poll I saw right as the program was starting that only 26% of the American people support it. I don’t know what poll it was. I didn’t notice. I’ve seen other polling data which shows that it’s not got big numbers of support. Now, stop and think of that: Tax cuts does not seem to have majority support. And neither did Obamacare. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying the polls are gonna stop them from doing it.

I’m actually talking more about, “How in the world can you be promoting the biggest tax cut in American history and only 26% of the American people favor it?” Seventy-four percent oppose it. Look at it that way. That’s number one. Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s what the Drive-Bys have done to it. They said, “The only people getting a tax cut are Big Business and the rich,” and then the loss of deductibility for state and local income taxes.

A lot of people love deductions. When they denied deductions for credit card interest back in 1984, ’88, whatever, people blew up over that even though it didn’t matter a hill of beans. But then there are two senators that may not even make the vote, McCain and Thad Cochran, and if McCain is able… He’s in Walter Reed. He’s got some bad reaction to the cancer medication. If he is able to show up, how’s he gonna vote? It’s not a slam dunk in the Senate by any stretch. I think the vote’s not ’til next week.


RUSH: By the way, I just got a note. Marco Rubio says he is a “no” on the tax bill unless a tax credit for the working poor is expanded. This is from TheHill.com. So while everybody’s wondering whether or not McCain will be able to show up and whether Thad Cochran will be able to show up, Marco Rubio pops up and says he’s a “no” on this unless they expand the tax credit for the working poor.

Okay, all right. Well, we’ll deal that as it happens and as it unfolds. Remember, this is Drive-By Media sources, could be all wet.


RUSH: Greg in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, nice to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I heard a little bit a couple of weeks ago you were talking about your favorite mother’s name, Lucretia. My great-grandmother who homesteaded in Denmark was named Lucretia. But, anyway, what I want to touch on is these congressmen/congresswomen who get elected and who stay in that position come hell or high water when their health goes south on ’em, need to do something for the country. Step away and let’s get someone appointed who will be there to vote when we need ’em.

RUSH: Oh, I see what you’re saying. You’re talking about McCain. You’re talking about Thad Cochran. Yeah, this is narrow at the margins. If McCain can’t vote… Look, right now we got Corker and Rubio voting “no” on the tax bill. That means if there’s one more “no,” this thing doesn’t have a prayer. Corker’s gonna vote “no” just ’cause Trump’s Trump. Rubio’s holding out for an expanded child tax credit. McCain is at Walter Reed being treated for the reaction to cancer medication, and Thad Cochran…well… is Thad Cochran. Now, it is thought that both of those people are for the tax bill, but McCain, you never know. So it’s a toss-up.

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