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RUSH: Here is Dave in Seattle. Dave, great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Hi, Rush. Glad to get in. Hey. Just yesterday, yesterday you were talking a little bit about Alabama and the left and what they used over there for the election and stuff. But I still think that people just don’t really understand the depth of the hatred on the left. They are willing to burn this country to the ground. I said that the day after the election of Trump watching what’s-his-name on CNN. He was corkscrewing himself into the ground, and I just said, “That’s it. They’re gonna burn this country down. If they can’t have it, nobody else can.”

But I think the really other big problem is that Alabama has set a new standard now. All we’re gonna see in any election is character assassination and last second, “Uh-oh,” pop-up allegations, which will be judged, jury, and execution on Twitter. We don’t even need judges anymore in this country. They can all go home.

RUSH: Look, I hear you about Twitter. The hatred that exists on the left, you’re absolutely right. It isn’t new, though. Twitter is just exposing it. It has always been there and it is multiplying, and it’s intensifying. And along with the hatred is violent rage. And that intimidates people into silence and shutting up, don’t want to encounter it. It is deep, and it is personal.

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