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RUSH: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario the Pious, is an angry man.

On a New York radio show, he called the Republican tax bill “reprehensible” and “a dagger at the economic heart of New York.” He said it’s “an economic civil war.”

Why is Andrew so mad? Because a liberal subsidy is going away. The Republican bill largely eliminates the deduction for state and local taxes and that enrages the son of Mario the Pious.

He says that New York and other Democrat states will have to pay a higher level of taxes. He’s lashing out at Republicans for using those states to finance the upcoming tax cuts. He says New York, California, and other high-tax blue states are being treated like piggy banks. And worse, he thinks it’s political, the Republicans did it on purpose.

Governor Cuomo, for years you and your fellow Democrats have said the so-called rich don’t pay their fair share. Now, when you wealthy, northeast and left-coast liberals get the chance to invest more taxes into the treasury, you bellyache and you whine and you moan.

Instead of bad-mouthing the tax bill, you should look at it as an opportunity. Finally, you and your fellow liberals will be able to contribute more to the government, to pay your fair share.

Or you could simply cut state taxes and spending yourself and ease up on people that way. But you don’t know how to do things like that, do you?

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