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RUSH: No, no. We still have a few. We still have a few Christmas ornaments, brand-new this year, each one is handmade. I’m gonna be honest. The Christmas ornaments in the past, compared to this one, have been a little flimsy. But this is forged. Well, it’s steel. It looks like pewter. But it’s the EIB logo. And there’s still some left at the EIB Store. I’m not sure about shipping. I’m not sure if we’ll get ’em out to you this week or not.

We got a picture today of Kathryn’s Aunt Sue in Ohio wearing one as a medallion, like an Olympic medal, ’cause it comes with that red ribbon, and she’s got it around her neck wearing it like an Olympic medal. I mean, it’s big enough. I don’t know, three inches in diameter. This is not a flimsy deal. You can see it at RushLimbaugh.com. We’ve produced a great, great video showing how these things were made. And you can see the video at RushLimbaugh.com as well.

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