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RUSH: If you use the RushLimbaugh.com app on your iPhone, it was upgraded today, an update, and we released it at 9 a.m. on the iOS App Store and the Google Play. I want to run just a list by you. These are minor, easy fixes that were at the top of the list of a fairly long list of improvements that are coming, and I told the people that do this, “You know, this is my passion, this kind of stuff, and I don’t think you can update things too much. I think people get excited about it when things are made better, when they’re improved and so forth.”

So we’re gonna try to keep an ambitious upgrade cycle, but not to the point that it irritates you. You can do it too much and people think something’s wrong with your app. There’s nothing wrong with the app. It’s the best app. It’s the greatest app. It’s better than any app Trump ever did, by the way. It’s just a fabulous app. I don’t even know if Trump has an app, but if he did have an app, this would be better than Trump’s. We got it out there — and, folks, look, I’m very proud to tell you, we have a record number of subscribers to RushLimbaugh.com.

I mean, you would think that would have happened when we started the website way back when everything was new and exciting and everything was happening at a lickety-split pace. This is just thrilling. It kind of, for me, brings back those early days when every week we’re adding new stations and more and more Americans are hearing about it and tuning into the program. In a smaller way, the same thing is now beginning to happen with the app and our website.

But even though it’s a paid subscriber site, there’s a free side to it that is encyclopedic in terms of the amount of content that is available free. Ditto on the app. It’s RushLimbaugh.com on the Web, and just search the App Store or Google Play for Rush Limbaugh. Here are what we changed today. We have turned on, by default, cellular data streaming. When we released the app, cellular data was turned off, meaning you had to be on Wi-Fi to be able to use the app with an internet connection — and the reason we did that is that data costs.

You know, you have a data limit with whatever you’re paying every month for your cellular company. We thought it would be best if the user had to actively turn on cellular streaming, data streaming. We had so many complaints about it, and it was from people saying, “You know, Rush, I’m showing cell bars up there, but I’m not being able to connect with your site.” We wrote back and said, “That’s because you need to go to Settings and flip the toggle permitting cellular data streaming.” Well, now, that’s default.

So you upgrade the app and that will be turned on by default. You have to go turn it off now if you only want to stream on Wi-Fi, not use your data connection. We fixed the video player in landscape mode so that it plays — no matter which way you hold your phone — in landscape. If you rotate it to the left to get landscape, it’ll play. If you rotate it to the right to get the landscape, the video player for Dittocam video or any other video will play. However you rotate the device, in other words, some of it won’t be upside down.

There was a Twitter link that was broken. We fixed that. The “user share” button located at the bottom — transcript sharing — has been fixed. And there was a missing first image in the transcript section that we had to repair (just a typographical thing) and the usual bug fixes and performance improvements which basically just make the app snappier. I’m not gonna tell you some of the things that are coming because I don’t know exactly when we’re gonna get to them, but one of the… Well, I will tell you one thing. We’re gonna have…

It is gonna be so easy. The user intuitiveness of signing up for the podcasts is gonna be so easy, you’re not gonna have to go anywhere else to do it. You don’t have to go to iTunes or any of that. We’re gonna streamline the ease with which you can sign up for the podcast of each show. Each show is divided up into three podcasts every day by hour, and we’re gonna improve that. But the “share” button for transcripts is up and running now. So it’s easy to share transcripts by mail, by message, however you wish to do it.

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