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Feb 7, 2018


“What we’ve been up against for over a year is a massive cover-up operation designed to prevent any of us from learning the involvement of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a full-fledged effort to undermine a presidential election.”

“I had a spy out in the audience, my brother-in-law was there. He said, ‘Man, you should have heard what people were saying while you were speaking. You never hear this.’ I said, ‘No. I just hear the applause.’”

“Christopher Steele lied to the FBI when he did not represent that he had talked to the media about the dossier and informed the media of the dossier. People are in jail for lying to the FBI!”

Washington Examiner: Adam Schiff Pranked by Russians Who Offered Nude Photos of Trump
FOXNews: FBI Lovers’ Latest Text Messages: Obama ‘Wants to Know Everything’
Breitbart: Grassley-Graham Memo: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Lied to FBI, FBI Didn’t Tell FISA Court
GrabienNews: Flashback: Obama Insists He Doesn’t Get Involved in FBI Investigations
UKDM: Texts Between FBI lovers Reveal Obama Wanted to be Briefed on Everything Happening in Clinton Email Investigation – After He ‘Guaranteed’ He Wouldn’t Get Involved
The Federalist: Criminal Referral Confirms Nunes Memo’s Explosive Claims Of FISA Abuse
National Review: ‘Delegitimizing’ Mueller? Don’t Blame the Nunes Memo
New York Post: A Male Backlash Against #MeToo is Brewing – Kyle Smith
PennLive: Nick Foles Goes to Disney World But Hasn’t Thought About Future and More Philadelphia Eagles News
Breitbart: Democrat Adam Schiff Fell for Russian Prankster Spoof Promising Compromising Dirt on Donald Trump
Daily Caller: Here’s Trump’s Next Move On House Intel Democrats’ FISA Memo
Washington Free Beacon: WH Reporter Sends Erroneous Report Trump Didn’t Read 10-Page Memo Because It Was ‘Too Lengthy’
LA Times: Humanity Will Need to Make Some Drastic Changes If It Wants to Keep the ‘Good Life’ Going
Interim Report the Clinton Email Scandal and the FBI’s Investigation of It
USAToday: Nick Foles ‘Not Worried’ About Future Despite Carson Wentz’s Impending Return to Eagles
CNN: White House Staff Secretary Resigns Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations
Bloomberg: Facebook’s Sandberg Says #MeToo Movement Hasn’t Gone Far Enoug
CNN: Mattis Says Trump’s Parade Request Reflects ‘Affection’ for Troops


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