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RUSH: United Airlines made a tough call this month when they told a passenger traveling from Newark to L.A. that she’d have to leave her “emotional-support” service animal behind. The passenger had a ticket for Dexter the peacock, but United said: “No way.”

Now, a 21-year-old college student is in the news, over an incident that occurred last November. She was flying from Baltimore to her home in South Florida to take care of a medical issue. She had with her Pebbles, her dwarf hamster, which is part of the gerbil family, that was going to provide emotional support for her.

When Spirit airlines refused passage for the rodent the student says she tried unsuccessfully to rent a car. After agonizing for several hours the student claims she followed advice from a Spirit representative. She took Pebbles to the women’s rest room.

The student says she was scared, and so was Pebbles. Pebbles didn’t know where he was gonna end up! With good reason. So Pebbles was put in the toilet. The toilet was flushed. Bye-bye Pebbles.

After the deed was done, the student says she sat crying in the stall for 10 minutes in the stall. Then she flew home.

Spirit says they never told her to flush her animal down the toilet. They do admit the student was originally told that her hamster would be allowed to travel.

As for the peacock. He should thank his lucky stars he can’t fit down the toilet.

Now folks, do with this what you will. But all of this did happen. Really.

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