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Feb 15, 2018


“I tell you, folks, it is just disgusting to watch a national political agenda pushed when families and friends and an entire country are grieving after these horrific demonic acts.”

“I do not get mad at Chris Wallace for interrupting me. I just want you to know that he’s doing this to move it along. He’s not interrupting me when he thinks I’m on the verge of being brilliant, because that’s pretty much the case the whole interview.”

“Our process was created by the founders to disburse power to states and individuals, because that’s where the genius and sustained exceptionalism of America is. The closer you get to where people live, odds are the politics are gonna be very much smarter and more attuned to reality — and that’s where you find innovation.”

“There’s only one thing that would bring about the end of Donald Trump. And that is the wrong immigration bill being signed into law. Anything featuring comprehensive amnesty for every illegal immigrant or something pretty close to that, that’s the one thing that can bring Donald Trump down because that’s really the primary reason he was elected.”

BuzzFeed: The FBI Was Warned About A School Shooting Threat From A YouTube User Named Nikolas Cruz In September
Miami Herald: Florida School Shooting Suspect was Ex-Student Who Was Flagged as Threat
Daily Wire: New Tales Of Heroism Emerge After Florida HS Shooting
Page Six: Barack Obama’s Portrait may Have Been Made in China
The Hill: White House Plans to Skip Press Briefing for Second Consecutive Day
Daily Caller: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Accuses Trump Of Exploiting Florida High School Shooting
The Federalist: The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It – Lee Smith
National Review: What Did Comey Tell President Trump about the Steele Dossier? – Andrew C. McCarthy
NYDN: Alabama Middle School Principal Tells Kids to Bring Canned Goods to Class, Throw Them at Possible Gunmen – 01.13.15
Newsweek: Florida Massacre Survivor Tells Trump: ‘I Don’t Want Your Condolences,’ Demands Gun Control
USAToday: Philip Mudd, Former FBI and CIA Agent, Breaks Down in Tears Over Florida School Shooting
RealClearPolitics: Former CIA Official Phil Mudd Warns Trump: “Think Again” About War With Intel Community, “We’re Going To Win”
NewsBusters: CNN Trashes Trump Response to Shooting: ‘That’s a Dumb Thing He Just Put Out’
CNN: FBI Was Warned About Alleged Shooter Nearly 5 Months Ago, Tipster Says
Business Insider: ‘Everyone Predicted It’: Students Had ‘Joked’ that Suspect Would Shoot Up the Florida High School
Politico: Trump Says He’ll Visit Florida, Emphasize Mental Health After School Shooting
CBS: FBI Alerted To YouTube ‘Shooter’ Post Last Year But Says ‘True Identity’ Of Person Unclear
Washington Examiner: No, There Have Not Been 18 School Shootings So Far in 2018
Daily Wire: Gun Control Isn’t A Policy. It’s An Empty Slogan Designed To Label Opponents Evil.
Daily Caller: Democrats Blame Republicans, Demand Gun Control After Florida School Shooting
Florida Sun Sentinel: Accused Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz’s First Court Appearance


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