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Feb 19, 2018


“A combination of multiculturalism, liberalism, and political correctness has led to government and a whole lot of people being afraid to act on anything that they think might be profiling or judging.”

“I totally understand how emotion conquers reason – and, in fact, it’s quite natural. Emotion is the first thing that happens, the first thing you feel. Reason takes time. Reason is a very plodding, sometimes unexciting result that takes some application of time and thought, whereas emotion is just immediate.”

“We do fairness here better than anybody in the media does fairness.”

“The ultimate objective of the anti-NRA, pro-gun control crowd is one thing: The confiscation of every weapon owned in this country. That’s nirvana, and anything short of that will not be satisfactory.”

Politico: Sanders Silent on Claim that Russians Backed Him in 2016
The Hill: Trump’s Anger Boils Over with Russia Probe
Washington Times: Obama Faulted on Russian Election Meddling
HuffPost: Immediately After Interviewing Parkland Students, Fox News Invites Criticism Of Them
Newsweek: Rush Limbaugh Thinks Undocumented Immigrants Should Get Citizenship But Not Vote For 15-25 Years
Washington Examiner: Rush Limbaugh Defends NRA, Calls Out Students Politicizing Latest shooting
Salon: Rush Limbaugh Admits His Immigration Fears Are About Voting, Not Security
Mediaite: Rush Limbaugh: Student Survivors ‘Bashing the NRA’ Doesn’t Solve the Problem
Politico: Limbaugh: ‘We Need Concealed Carry’ in Schools
National Review: If Your Voters were Persuaded by Bad Russian Ads, They Were Never Your Voters
Breitbart: Lee Smith: Everything Media Accuse Trump of Doing with Russia, Obama Actually Did
CarbonatedTV: Rush Limbaugh Bashes Teen Shooting Survivors For Demanding Gun Control
NewsBusters: ABC, NBC Eagerly Tout New Gun Control Efforts By ‘Angry’ Students
NYDN: Florida High School Shooter was on School Rifle Team Funded by the NRA: ‘He was a Very Good Shot’
New York Times: Clinton and Gore Clash With N.R.A. Official Over Gun Control – 03.14.00
Daily Wire: Parkland High School Student: Media Politicizing Tragedy To Push Gun Control, Not Focusing On Students
CNN: Parkland Survivors Rip Politicians’ ‘Pathetic’ Responses
Washington Times: Columbine Survivor Introduces Bill to Expand Concealed-Carry in Schools
Washington Free Beacon: CBS Host to Podesta: Why Did the Russians Know to Focus on Michigan and Wisconsin When Clinton Didn’t?
Bloomberg: Trump Cites Facebook VP’s Tweet to Say Russia Effort Not About Him


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