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RUSH: We have Jack in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Great to have you, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Well, Rush. Yes. I predict that if Donald Trump continues with this gun-grabbing talk, he’ll become a one-term president, just like George H. W. Bush with his “no new taxes.”

RUSH: You are not happy with the president’s comment, “Let’s go grab the guns first and then do due process later”? That’s what has you alarmed?

CALLER: Right. This is the New York liberal coming out in him. I mean, he can’t defend the Second Amendment if he’s talking like that. You know, when Jeff Flake makes more sense on guns than Donald Trump, we’re in trouble.

RUSH: (laughing) Don’t make me laugh.

CALLER: When he can sit up there next to Mr. and Mrs. America, “Turn ’em all in” Dianne Feinstein and come to agreement with her, he’s —

RUSH: It’s not that he came to an agreement. He asked her if she would include something he wants in her bill.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s talking about banning the assault weapons again. He’s about to cross the line in the sand, and he doesn’t really have to do anything. I mean, just this talk is enough.

RUSH: Look, I have to… I think so too. I think if… Look, Trump is a day-to-day proposition in many ways. But this, to me, was unnecessarily tampering with the glue that keeps his supporters attached to him. You know, Donald Trump was elected primarily, if you want to talk about the issues that got him elected, immigration, enforcing immigration law, building a wall, making sure the illegals do not get in, and finding a way to deal with the ones here, and not… You can’t say that gun control, Second Amendment was a specific issue.

But the concept of Trump as an outsider defending the people of this country against the encroachment on their liberties and freedoms was a paramount reason he was elected. He was an outsider, he was going to stand up to the establishment, and you and I both know what the establishment’s desire on the Second Amendment is, is to get rid of it. The American left, the Democrat Party wants to confiscate all the guns that are in the country.

CALLER: Well, that’s right, but if he wants to lose Pennsylvania, lose Michigan, lose a couple states in the South, then he just needs to keep going on with this talk and whatever actions he decides to take.

RUSH: There is more —

CALLER: We know he shoots his mouth off. We know that.

RUSH: There’s a more immediate concern than that, though, and that’s the elections in November, the midterms.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You know as well as I do that if Trump somehow damages this bond that he has created with people, you know what that’s gonna do to their energy level and what it’s gonna do to their desire to stay involved. They’re gonna end up being depressed, feel sold out. You know, what is gonna inspire ’em to show up and vote in November in the midterms? If the Democrats win the House in November, then Trump’s gonna get impeached.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, he could cozy up to the Democrats and grab all the guns he wants. He’s not gonna get any liberal votes. All he’s gonna do is alienate his base.

RUSH: That’s very true. The Democrats are gonna impeach him no matter how much of their agenda he advances or agrees with. Surely, he knows that. Surely, there people in his immediate orb who can tell them that. But as of yet, again, we don’t really know what’s going on. There’s all kinds of schools of thought about Trump, that he’s a day or two ahead of everybody, playing chess, a bunch of moves ahead of everybody. Recent history, if we use intelligence guided by experience, he pulled the same kind of maneuver on immigration and pulled the rug out from Democrats after exposing them on this.

But this was a little bit different in that the Democrats’ position didn’t need to be exposed. Everybody knows what they want. Everybody knows… Well, maybe they don’t. That’s an item that needs further spreading. The real objective of the modern-day Democrat Party and all of their constituent groups is to confiscate every gun out there. That’s their wish list. That’s their giant dream. That’s the bucket list. However you want to characterize it, their objective is the total confiscation of all guns being held in private hands.

That’s what their objective is. And they don’t hate the NRA. They hate you. They despise you. You stand in their way. Not you, Jack in Blue Ridge. I’m talking about all of us. They despise us. They have a visceral hatred for those who oppose them and stand in their way. It’s just easier for them to say they hate a group and an organization rather than to be up front about what they really despise and hate, which is all of us. Thanks, Jack, for the call. I appreciate it.


RUSH: So I just checked the email here at the top-of-the-hour break, and there’s some locoweed in there accusing me of being a Trump mouthpiece. (laughing) I’m not a Trump mouthpiece. I’m not even in the Trump loop. Now, there are lot of Trump mouthpieces out there. I will grant you that. But I am not one of them. (interruption) Well, no, a Trump… (interruption) Do you not know what a Trump mouthpiece is? What do you think a Trump mou…? How would you define a Trump mouthpiece? (interruption)

Well, yeah. Not necessarily a sycophant, but somebody who is like a spokesman. You know, whatever the Trump regime wants said is sa… (interruption) No, no, no, no, no, no. (laughing) No, no. No, no, no. (sigh) (laughing) I’m not… (interruption) Yeah. I just… I’m just saying that it’s amazing how… It’s like somebody… My brother sent me this. Somebody sent a tweet last night to him that I referred to me as David’s brother.

“Your brother’s the biggest screaming, impolite, rude…” My brother shared the thread with me, and literally hundreds of people reacted saying that I’m the politest, I never shout, I’m never rude, I never hang up on anybody. But all it took was this one tweet that was accusing me of something I’m not. Now I have somebody emailing, “You’re just nothing but a Trump mouthpiece.” Far from it! (sigh) I don’t know enough to be a Trump mouthpiece. I’m not in the loop there.

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