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Mar 1, 2018


“Democrats want to take everybody’s guns away. That’s the sole purpose of everything they say about gun control. It’s all smoke and mirrors. What they want is every gun in this country confiscated.”

“If you want to know what the conventional wisdom in Washington is, find out whatever David ‘Rodham’ Gergen is saying about anything. And there you will find the official consensus of the Washington establishment, of the elite ruling class, of which he is a proud member.”

“The Democrats do not want any gun control happening this year. They want it to look like they do, and they want it to look like the only reason it’s not happening is because the Republicans don’t care that people are dying.”

“The membership of the NRA is millions and millions of the people who make this country work. And they have joined the NRA not because they love pulling the trigger. They’ve joined the NRA not because they love guns. It’s because they want to defend their rights that are endowed in the Constitution.”

New York Times: Trump Stuns Lawmakers With Seeming Embrace of Comprehensive Gun Control
Reuters: In Blow to Trump, Top Aide Hope Hicks to Leave White House
Bloomberg: Scaramucci Says He Fears John Kelly Will Thwart SkyBridge Sale
Instapundit: Tom Maguire’s Theory of What Happened is Probably Right
Washington Post: ‘Mr. Magoo’: Trump’s Private Nickname for Sessions Raises Intriguing Questions
Breitbart: Trump Asks DiFi to Add ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban to School Safety Bill
Daily Wire: Trump Joins With Democrats, Supports Assault Weapons Ban
UKDM: ‘We Are Not Calling for the Slaughter of White People – at Least for Now’: South African Parliament Votes to SEIZE White-Owned Land as Experts Warn of Violent Repercussions
UK Sun: Putin Boasts Russia has Developed an Intercontinental Nuclear Missile that Can’t be Stopped or Shot Down by Any Country’s Defence System
CNN: Bernstein and Woodward Compare Trump, Nixon Responses to Political Storms
UKDM: Revealed: How Hope Hicks was ‘Trapped’ into Admitting She Told ‘White Lies’ for Trump – After Conferring for 10 Minutes with Her Lawyer
New York Times: Hope Hicks to Leave Post as White House Communications Director – Maggie Haberman
UK Sun: Putin Boasts Russia has Developed an Intercontinental Nuclear Missile that Can’t be Stopped or Shot Down by Any Country’s Defence System
Breitbart: YouTube’s New Moderators ‘Mistakenly’ Delete Conservative Videos from Platform
Daily Wire: Kimmel, Media Say The NRA Buys Politicians. Here’s Why That’s Idiotic
HotAir: Rubio: My Legislation Will Actually Fix The Failures That Led To Parkland Massacre
Palm Beach Daily News: Lights Out! Sea-Turtle Nesting Season Begins Thursday
Townhall: They Don’t Hate The NRA. They Hate You – Kurt Schlichter
CNN: Rooney: Hicks Story Shows Russia Probe Must End
CNBC: Dow Plunges More Than 450 Points After Trump Says Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Coming Next Week


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