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RUSH: Folks, there’s a lawsuit in California’s San Mateo County Superior Court. It alleges that YouTube set minority hiring quotas. The suit’s filed by somebody named Arne Wilberg, a YouTube recruiter who also worked for YouTube’s parent company, Google.

Now, Wilberg claims that last spring, YouTube recruiters were instructed to only interview female, black, or Hispanic applicants. The suit also says the company told recruiters to “purge” the applications of anyone not fitting those categories.

Wilberg, a white male, says he complained — and when he was ignored, he went to Google management. Shortly thereafter, they fired him.

Google says this is rubbish, that they don’t use “identity” to hire, just merit.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 69% of Google’s employees are men, white and Asian guys account for 91% of their staff, and the tech industry has had a big push to “diversify.”

The Journal also reports that “people familiar with” Google and YouTube hiring practices corroborate some of the lawsuit’s allegations — including the hiring freeze on white and Asian guys and YouTube’s use of racial quotas.

The Journal says the lawsuit “threatens to ignite simmering controversy about Silicon Valley’s politics, and whether its predominantly liberal ideology is affecting how companies operate.”

Wha…? That’s controversial? Is there anybody, anywhere, who thinks liberal ideology hasn’t infected and corrupted Silicon Valley’s operations top to bottom? There are people that still don’t know that?

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