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Mar 5, 2018


“Award ceremonies are to liberals what the Fourth of July is to Republicans. You ever stop to look at it that way? All of these awards shows is where they get a national stage to trash America. And they make the most of it.”

“If Mueller is gonna start investigating the possibility of foreign governments trying to buy political influence, then would somebody explain to me how this doesn’t start and end with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, because that’s what the Clinton Foundation did.”

“In just a few short years, there will not be any conservative content that you’re gonna be able to find on social media — and then it won’t be long after that before it becomes criminalized.”

The Wrap: Oscars Early Ratings Tank, Show Sinks 18 Percent From Last Year
New York Post: The Oscars Were a Complete Letdown
LifeZette: Gary Oldman Thanks America in His Academy Award Acceptance Speech
Vulture: Homeland Recap: The War Against America
Bloomberg: Trump Spends Night With ‘Crazy’ Media at White-Tie Gridiron Dinner
CNN: Trump on China’s Xi Consolidating Power: ‘Maybe We’ll Give that a Shot Some Day’
New York Times: Mueller’s Focus on Adviser to Emirates Suggests Broader Investigation
The Hill: Delta Says NRA Discount was Only Used for 13 Tickets
New York Times: Our One-Party Democracy – Thomas L. Friedman
Wall Street Journal: China’s Superior Economic Model – Andy Stern
The Observer: One Star: ‘The Shape of Water’ Is a Loopy, Lunkheaded Load of Drivel
HotAir: The Shape of Water: Subtle as a Jackhammer and Almost as Intelligent
Golf.com: The Best Tournament You’ve Never Heard of: JT, DJ, Rickie, Rory Among Those at Golf’s Most Competitive Member-Guest
Sarah Palin: Trump Is Not Starting A Trade War, He’s Trying To Win The One We’ve Been Fighting For Decades
New York Times: Escort Says Audio Recordings Show Russian Meddling in U.S. Election
Wall Street Journal: Kushner-led Mideast-Peace Plan Faces Growing Difficulty Even Before Arrival
Breitbart: Report: Oakland Mayor Schaaf’s Fight with ICE Could Be ‘Defining Moment’ for Statewide Run
HotAir: Michelle Obama: Running For President Out, Creating “Thousands Of Mes” In
Daily Signal: The Government Has Already Tried Universal Basic Income. Here’s What Happened


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