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RUSH: I was watching on CNN today. The Democrats have a genuine, radical, off-the-wall analyst/strategist named Cardona, Maria Cardona or something. She’s debating some guy on immigration and sanctuary cities, and she was really all over ICE. She says (summarized), “ICE, it’s like the Gestapo! I mean, they’re not… They’re not just focusing on the criminal illegals. They’re focusing on the people who are here without papers too!” I’m saying, “Well, what the hell are they if they’re not illegal?”

As though we’re supposed to ignore that particular illegality, being here illegally and only go after those who have committed felony crimes after having arrived here? And she wanted to criticize ICE and call ’em a bunch of bad names because they’re not just rounding up people who committed felonies. They’re rounding up people who haven’t committed any crimes at all except that they’re here “without papers.”

That’s another way of saying they’re here illegally. You know, I’ve been looking at this immigration document. But I made a prediction yesterday. Grab audio sound bite No. 1. This thing with sanctuary cities — particularly California, but in other places that are sanctuary cities, sanctuary states — is beginning to remind me of something. It is eerie. It is eerie the similarities that it’s reminding me of. But first, a prediction I made yesterday.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m gonna tell you what the left is gonna do. I’m gonna predict to you right now the reaction to Jeff Sessions and his appearance in Sacramento today and the announced lawsuit. The way the left will react is to not engage on the issue. They will not mount a defense of sanctuary states or cities because they can’t. What they’ll do instead is start calling Trump and Sessions white supremacists trying to reinstate white supremacy, which is how this nation was founded, they will say. What Trump and Sessions really don’t like is people of color, is what they will say. Sessions from Alabama, they will wink, wants to talk to us about people of color? Ha, they will say. And of course Trump, they’ll say, “Remember Charlottesville, Trump is one of these guys, white supremacists, likes the Nazis.” This is what they’re gonna say.

RUSH: When I’m right — which is most of the time — I’m right. This is late yesterday afternoon on Headline News with Michaela Pereira talking to Kevin de Leon. He’s the head of the California Senate. He’s a state senator. Yeah, he was asked by Michaela Pereira, “What do you say to Sessions when he says that allowing sanctuary cities essentially hampers the freedom of Californians, endangers law enforcement? How do you respond to that? Are you endangering law enforcement?”

DE LEON: He’s taking gangs as well as MS-13 gang members, and he’s conflated that with hardworking mothers and fathers. Mothers who take care of other people’s children, who, uh, are housekeepers like my mother, uh, who was a housekeeper all of her life, hardworking men who cut our grass, who grow our food, who serve us in the restaurant, he’s conflating them with these hardened criminal, uh, felons. And the bottom line is this — I’ve said this since last year — that you have a president and an attorney general that is basing their policies on white supremacy. And that tears up the fabric of who we are.

RUSH: See? See? Right there! Did I not predict it. It’s white supremacy, all because we want to enforce the law. Charge “white supremacy” and never engage in the issue. By the way, what is this cutting the grass business? Pelosi made a big deal about that when talking about a border wall. I mean, she was off of her rocker which, sadly, appears to be becoming normal. He’s talking about mowing the grass, now Kevin De Leon talks about mowing the grass. But, anyway, there you heard it, white supremacy.

“A president, attorney general basing their policies on white supremacy.” No, sir. We’re basing it on the rule of law, which you are flouting. The rule of law, which you are urinating all over, the rule of law, which you are breaking. The rule of law, which you are ignoring. And here’s the mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, who, by the way, this babe used to work… She was an assistant to Jerry Brown when he was the mayor of Oakland! This guy been the mayor of Oakland, now he’s the mayor of San Francisco, the governor of California. This was in city hall at Oakland yesterday after Sessions made his remarks at the law enforcement meeting there in Sacramento.

SCHAAF: His comments were so consistent with this racist distraction, this fearmongering that others, newcomers, outsiders are making our country less safe.

RUSH: You are making the country less safe. You are violating the law! You are shielding felons. You are warning felons how to avoid apprehension, according to federal law. There’s nobody here more guilty than you, Mayor Schaaf, and Governor Brown and everybody in this state who supports and enforces the sanctuary movement. You have nothing to fall back on. You can shout “white supremacy.” You can shout “racism.” You can shout all of these things, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the issue, which is that you are violating the law.

And here again, they want you to believe it’s because they care about people. “Outsiders, newcomers…” They don’t care about people. They’re not doing this — the sanctuary city movement is not — because they care about people. It is not because they care about having… Well, it may be because they want the grass mowed, but it’s not because they care about people. They say it is. They get away with that, but they don’t care about people.

If they did, they would care about the danger their citizens are in.

They would care about the economic mess their citizens face.

If they really cared about people. It’s not that they care about people. It’s that they have other purposes and uses for these people, and one of those purposes is simply to irritate the right wing. One of these purposes is seriously nothing more than a nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah to us. But they don’t care about people. They get away with it. They supposedly are the lone practitioners of compassion. That is a myth. Here is Governor Brown yesterday in Sacramento talking about Sessions’ remarks…

BROWN: This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law-enforcement officer. This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy. It’s not wise, it’s not right and it will not stand.

RUSH: What does Fox News have to do with it? What in the name of Sam Hill does Fox News have to do with it? I tell you, they will not engage on the issue. He came out there as a lawmaker! He came out there, Sessions arrived as a law enforcement officer and he said, “It’s not gonna stand anymore. California, time is up, you are not gonna continue to get away with breaking the law.” What does Fox News have to do with it? See?

They don’t engage on the issue. Governor Brown thinks this is a great polemic because that will organize and unify the people of his state because ostensibly they all hate Fox News. “Basically going to war against state of California”? Well, I haven’t looked at it that way, but if he wants to, we have more guns than you do ’cause half of your guns, you’ve thrown away. Half your guns, you have been taking away from people. You want a war?

And that takes me to what I find eerie about all of this.

The eerie similarities to a period long ago in American history.


RUSH: Rush Limbaugh off to a rousing start today. Because every start is rousing in the EIB Network. New in the bumper rotation: Me and the Devil, by Gil Scott Heron.

This reminds me of an eerie time in American history. There are so many analogies I could make. I could see Jerry Brown as Lester Maddox and George Wallace in reverse. I could see the state of California as a slave state, wishing to exist in violation of federal law — California as the equivalent of a slave state versus the United States. The United States is attempting to preserve the union. Donald Trump is attempting to preserve the union, preserve the borders, has tried to preserve the sanctity of federal law.

California is even talking about secession and has been for a while. If you look at California as a modern-day slave state where the Democrats of today just as the Democrats of the 1800s, they want to hold on to their slaves. In this case, they want to hold on to their illegals so they can get their grass mowed. Many of them can’t read or write. They work cheap, can’t take care of themselves — and in this case, they don’t mind being the slaves. They’re happy! It’s not a pure analogy, but it will suffice. And Jerry Brown wants a war! He’s angry at American aggression. It’s eerie how similar this is!


RUSH: I understand the analogy is not perfect. That’s why I didn’t call it an analogy. I said the similarities are eerie. During the Civil War, the Southerners called it the War of Northern Aggression. The government, the north, would not leave ’em alone and let them run their affairs the way they wanted. And one of the things they wanted was to maintain slavery.

Okay. You go to a sanctuary state like California. They are in open defiance of federal law. They are proclaiming their defiance of federal law. Governor Brown actually said that Jeff Sessions showed up yesterday wanting a war. He accused the government and Sessions of coming out and using aggression.

Now, since we’ve established the Democrats don’t really care about people, what’s in it for them to have a bunch of illegals, including the criminal element, running around the state? Well, back in the antebellum days slave owners needed work done on the plantation. Modern-day Democrats need these same kind of people to show up and vote, to show up and be on welfare and dependent rolls, to show up and maintain a big and powerful government by requesting benefits from it.

It’s all about power. It’s all about the Democrats maintaining, holding on, gaining more power at the expense of people who can’t do anything about it. The Democrats hide behind the fact that they care about people and that there’s a bunch of white supremacists? You telling me this analogy doesn’t work? A bunch of white supremacists in the government are trying to deny California its right to break federal law?

I didn’t say it was a thorough analogy. I said the similarities here are just eerie. California doesn’t want to live, doesn’t think it should have to live under federal law. California has a percentage of its population made up of people here in the country illegally who are of value to them in a host of ways. And they don’t want to have to give that up. They hide behind, “People who want to enforce federal law are racists and sexists and bigots and white supremacists,” and so forth. And all we have is the current administration attempting to enforce federal law.

California’s even talking about secession. They’ve been talking about secession ever since Trump was elected. So in a certain way you could look at California as a modern-day slave state with historical ties to a previous era in American history. I mean, you could even draw an analogy in reverse to Governor Brown and the mayor of Oakland as Lester Maddox and George Wallace at the schoolhouse door preventing people that they don’t want to come in from coming in.

In this case, California’s trying to keep the federal law enforcement agency, ICE, out of the state so that it cannot enforce the law. If it can’t do that, it is aiding and abetting the lawbreakers in avoiding federal law enforcement officers. And so violations of law are compounded by further violations of law. And California defends itself by claiming that all of these efforts to abide by and follow the law are rooted in white supremacy and racism and the fact that Trump wants to conduct a war.

It was listening to Jerry Brown and Libby Schaaf that made me think of this, as they reacted to Sessions coming out. And then watching Democrat analysts and strategists on TV basically echo what Governor Brown and the mayor were saying, the mayor of Oakland. And then trying to draw a distinction between real felons and others who are not here illegally other than that they don’t have papers. Ha. Other than that they don’t have papers.

So the 12 million to 15 million, however, who are truly illegal, according to the Democrats, they’re really not. They just don’t have papers. And a bunch of mean, racist white supremacists are trying to be mean to them and throw them out of the country, when in truth the rule of law is the glue that holds this country together, and we have a state and we have some cities who are threatening it and flouting it. And you can’t ignore that. Something has to be done about that.

If you let this kind of law be gotten away with with no punishment, no attempt to hold any accountable, then you’re gonna lose control of your own law. And particularly if the people breaking that law get away with doing it because of compassion? ‘Cause they ostensibly care about people? Okay. So that’s the license to break the law? “Well, I care about this person. I can’t see this person having to be held accountable to the law. I care about ’em too much.” Where does that end?

But the truth of the matter is this is all political. Every bit of it is political, with the modern-day Democrat Party now outside the law. Happily, proudly outside the law and recommending it to others. That can’t last long, folks.

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